Monday, June 10, 2013

Kettle Moraine 100K race report

Here is my race report now that I have had a week or so to ponder over what I accomplished last weekend. This was my 1st official 100k race. I did finish 64 miles last year in Leadville, but I didn't complete it. After I have had some time to think about that race and what I did wrong or didn't do wrong, I created a training plan in my head to plan for the next big one. I started the training season strong with treadmill running and limited outside and even less trail running. The treadmill training motivation died quickly and by mid March I didn't want to run at all. I at least had some friends either training for their own 100 mile races or other friends willing to take shifts with me on the treadmill. Still my training wasn't where I wanted it. However, after pacing my friend Mike at Zumbro for 34 miles built some early confidence that I would be fine at Kettle Moraine 100k. Then Chippewa 50k came up and granted little of the course was runnable, I was extremely disappointed in my performance. I at that point lost all my confidence in finishing let alone doing well at Kettle 100k . I travelled to La Grange with a friend who was running the 100 miler and it quickly became known that the travel and the races at Kettle Moraine were about her-we travelled on her schedule and catering to her needs. Okay I was and still am very annoyed! Okay okay, once we arrived to the race site the night before the race we got all checked and got our race packets and then headed back to the hotel. Once I got to the hotel, I checked my drop bags that I previously packed to make sure that I had everything (nutrition, clothing, extra socks, Aquaphor, etc). I then quickly realized that I left the bladder to my Solomon pack at home- I had a mild little freak out considering that the starting temp was going to be 64 degrees with 90 percent humidity. I searched my car and found a handheld and decided that I would carry my Solomon pack without the bladder and the bottle (which fit into the pocket). I loaded up the car and then was in bed by 9. I ended up sleeping well for about 2 hours and then laid there away until I needed to get up. Breakfast- of course I didn't want anything but managed to shove a banana, applesauce, small can of v-8 (felt the sodium would be good), and a bagel with cream cheese in (I think this is most I have eaten before a race). I arrived to the race site about a hour before the race, picked up my chip, and used the bathroom and then attended the brief race meeting. The race started and I was very conservative I didn't know what to expect for the race itself and the high humidity. I ran the first 15 miles primarily by myself but found myself concentrating on listening into other peoples conversations-I learned all about hockey and rebuilding car starters. The first 8 miles of the course were grassy trails and the the remaining 7 to make the 15 were single track (shaded). Mile 15 was the first place to get a drop bag and at that time I felt needed to drop my Solomon pack any only run with the handheld since my shirt and pack were completely soaked from my sweat. I changed my shirt at that time as well. Following that water stop we hit a grassy prairie area and the air was stagnant- it was like running through a sauna. They had a couple of unmanned water stops with only water for the next 10 miles. The remaining 7 miles of this section was single track with about a mile of grassy trail. I remained conscience of taking salt tabs every hour and took two gels during the second 17 miles. I arrived at the half way spot and ran into the friend I travelled with to the race (I was a bit disappointed in myself, since I felt that I should have been in front of her). This is where, I first felt some fatigue. I grabbed my drop bag, drank a Redbull and ate some nutrition at the stop and then headed back out on the trail. I felt pretty strong running for the next 7 miles or so. Then ended up walking most of the prairie as this had become really muddy and wet. I ran through the singletrack as much as I could. My feet at this point were really bothering me as I had developed huge blisters on the bottoms and I could feel the skin sticking to my shoes and ripping off with each step. I made to the aid station ate well (watermelon, olives, pickles, potatoes, and a gel). I applied some aquaphor to my feet and changed socks and then went on to finish the last 15 miles. I started off running this section strong even though my feet were in extreme pain at this point and my right hip was now bothering me. I ended up walk running for a mile or so before the skies opened up and it started storming. The last 8 miles or so I ended walk running with more walking then running. The fatigue had definitely set in at that point. I remember looking at my watch and contemplating laying down and taking a nap on the side of the trail with only 2 miles left to run (or walk). Now that I finished I know that I could have run that race faster and maybe need more mental toughness- and given this I'm indifferentiate about my finish. The good things- no gi issues what so ever- this is a first! And I finished!