Monday, May 13, 2013

Adventure Triathlon! This past Saturday I did my first off road triathlon and what an adventure it was! So adventure means the whole package and bigger the package bigger the adventure. Right? Okay, well let me explain. I thought that I was signing up for a triathlon that involved simply mountain biking, kayaking, and running (trails), but mother nature had something else in mind. She said this is suppose to be an adventure race can we make this an adventure? How about throwing in all 4 seasons and a couple natural disasters along the way. The morning started off crisp at 38 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel like 20 degrees. There was also a bit of wind, but it was sunny. Shortly after the gun goes off the the sun really decides to come out and warm things up. The bike course was a mix of road, gravel, sand, and non-technical single track. The ride started off fast on dirt road and through a wooded area. We then turned out onto another group of loose, sandy dirt road as we made ourselves around a couple small lakes. When we entered the open area the wind took over! Talking sustained 40 mph winds! It was hard to maintain 7 mph let alone stay upright on the bike. As a I continue to fight through the wind and make it to the last 2 miles or so of the bike course, it became dark and started to hail, sleet, rain, and snow and of course the wind picked up even more. I finally make it to the transition to start the kayak portion. I get down to the landing and start to get into the kayak and my hip decides to cramp up to the point that I can't bend at the hip and get my leg into the kayak. I continue to get myself in as the volunteers push me out into the water and my kayak practically tipping over. I right away head to the middle of the river-knowing the middle runs the fastest. At that minute the sun decides to poke out and warm things up nicely. I'm paddling enjoying the river until I have approximately 1/4 mile left and the skies decide to open up again and the wind decides to pick up and I start battling whitecaps. All sudden my kayak takes off at full speed to the point that it was difficult to make the landing. I get out the kayak shivering and my hands frozen. I run to the transition area set up by my sherpa, get my shoes changed out and a new run jacket on (I started out in 4 layers!) and take off down the trail. After approximately 2 miles we popped out on the road and spent the rest of the run on road. The sun again decided to come out and warm things up again. I needed to peel off all my layers and spent a good portion of the run wearing a clothes basket worth of clothing around my waste. The run was tough as my legs were sore from all the cramping and I was tired from fighting the wind all day. However this adventure was not over as the last 1.5 miles was against the 40+ mph winds and the another front of sleet, hail, snow, and rain came through. Holy Smokes! I finished my adventure triathlon 5th woman overall.