Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Racing

I am a 2nd half of 2012 failed blogger! To highlight my 2nd half the year in 2012...... Following my 50K that I wrote about during my previous post. I went on to run my first 50 miler (Voyager 50 miler). I felt great! I ended up finishing 9th woman overall! Then off to my big race Leadville 100 trail run. I ended up with my first DNF! I made it 64 miles before being cut from the course since I didn't make the cut at Twin Lakes on my way back after climbing Hope Pass twice! I was angry that I was cut, but it is the name of the game in ultra running. Leadville had a 40% finish rate and granted I didn't finish, I have a lot to be proud of. 1. I made further than most of the field 2. PR distance for me 3. First race in elevation. This DNF set the stage to do better! I plan to attempt Leadville 100 Trail again in 2014. After returning back from Leadville, there was no wasting anytime before jumping into triathlon training. I had Ironman Cozumel 10 weeks after! I went into Ironman Cozumel confident-well sort. I was nervous that I hadn't put enough bike and swim training in prior to racing. I completed Ironman Cozumel, but it was by far my hardest Ironman Day I have had to date. The winds picked up causing the water to be really choppy and strong currents. The last 600 meters probably took me close to 45 minutes to complete! The wind continued through the bike-in fact picked up every loop (the bike course was a total of 3 loops). And to make things worse, there wasn't any food on the bike course! I was counting on bananas in combination with a gel to get approximately 200 calories per hour. I was severely nutritionally depleted after bike and spent physically from working so hard against the wind. I wondered onto the run hoping that I could make up some calories at the water stops along the run, but when I got to the first water stop there wasn't any food. The remainder of water stops had food, but I was so depleted that I struggled with lightheadedness throughout-I couldn't get caught up. I ended up finishing with a time of 13:00.54. The crazy thing was that I was only 2 minutes from my PR on the bike and this wasn't my slowest Ironman! Plans for 2013: Chippewa 50K in April Kettle Moraine 100K in June Ironman Lake Tahoe in September

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