Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yesterday, I ran my 3rd ultra of the year so far. You would think it would get easier this was my hardest by far! A multitude of factors maybe contributed, such as I didn't get a good night sleep in my tent the night before, it was already in the 70s with high humidity at the start which was 5:30 am, or the course is the toughest by far that I have ever run. They are all excuses!!!! It just wasn't my day, which in my eyes is more valuable than anything when looking forward to Leadville and Cozumel-it could easily not be my day those days, however I do know that I have the strength and perseverance to get through and be happy with what I accomplish (the goal at hand). I ended up finishing 4th in my age group and 6th woman overall. They recognized the top 5 places so I won a flashlight-Yay!
Earlier this week an Aquaphor teammate of mine posted a link on facebook where news caster Brian Gamble did a story about ultrarunners. I found the story interesting especially since he and the other interviewer, whom I can't remember, made assumptions about people that run longer distances (I say longer because a lot of the story was interviewing a man who runs the same 8 mile course every single day and has been for years) but doesn't do ultramarathons. They went on to talk about how ultrarunners run long distances because they are running from something else in their life and they are unbalanced people. First of all this story boils my blood a bit considering it's making the assumption that all of us "problemed people" only run and are not out running to improve our health, love to be out in nature, are goal oriented, love the challenge of running through varied terrain, and like to meet new people. I don't we are unbalanced-ARE WE?