Monday, June 4, 2012

It has been a tough spring for me. My previous post talks a little about me being injured and having to sit out of Zumbro. Well the injury took a little longer than expected to heal-a total of 10 weeks! I'm pretty sure at this point that I did have a stress fracture in my left tibia, but I never officially had it checked out. I figured a specialist would have just told me to stay off of it-I ended up doing that anyway. Since the recovery was so long, I ended up missing out on running Ice Age 50 milers as well:( But GOOD NEWS........I'm healed and back to running some distance! Yay! The picture above shows me the night before my second ultra that took place this past weekend. Knowing that I'm jumping back into the running and distance game, I was a bit nervous to see how my legs would hold up to trail running and distance running. Two weekends ago, I trialed a shorter distance run of 12 miles with Aj and my leg felt great! Then over the week I continued to run putting in close to 50 miles! And still NO LEG PAIN! Then this past weekend was the true test........I ran the Kettle Moraine 38 mile Fun Run (a distance PR for me) that took place at night and I felt fantastic!!!!!! No leg pain-other than the typical leg achiness you get from running long distances. It was hard to judge where I was at in comparison to the other runners on the course since we started in waves, but I could tell that I was holding my own. I ended up finishing 3rd woman and 19th overall-super proud of my accomplishment!

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