Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 months to Ironman #1

Couer d'Alene is just over 5 months away. My training so far has been pretty consistent up until the past couple of weeks. In fact I don't think that I have taken a day off from training up until last week. I came down with a nasty cold which took me off the bike and put me in the bed. It has been two weeks and just when you think that I'm getting back into the game of training, my klutziness comes out. I was running at the gym when I whacked my hand and wrist on a metal window pane. The jar from hitting my hand/wrist sent a tingling sensation up my arm that lasted for almost 24 hours and nice bruise/cut on my wrist. I actually called up my friend Doctor Margarita to have my wrist checked. The doc says that it is just bruised-thank god! The plan is to get back in the pool this week and be able to complete all my workouts.

School has back in session now for the past couple of weeks. My schedule is full with four days in clinic a week along with my full time job. I do feel that I have been a lot more organized which has helped with me get everything done!