Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I couldn't have asked for a nicer Christmas (well maybe excluding the part that I had to work)! After taking my morning nap I headed over to run the Elm Creek horse trails. The weather was perfect-about 45 and sunny! I was actually hot after only a few minutes of running wearing only running tights and a long sleeved shirt-this is unheard of during a typical chilly winter in Minnesota. I felt really strong on the run averaging 9:30 miles over the hilly course.

Following my run, swung over to pick up my grandma to head to my parents for our Christmas celebration. As I was driving there I was trying to think of the last time my grandma celebrated Christmas with us in my parents home. I'm thinking it was probably at least 25 years ago. I have to say that her fall back in September was a blessing in disguise-not that I would ever want anyone to experience falling an breaking a hip. Her fall led my grandma back to live in the cities and allow her become healthy. My grandma who is 86 years old has had very few health problems throughout her life but I felt that life was being sucked away from her while she lived in Alexandria. Over the past couple of months, my grandmother has found a new zest for life and has rekindled lost relationships.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A morning run in the snow!

This morning I met up with one of my Leadville training peeps, Mike. I was super excited to run since it was snowing out! I miss snow and want more of it! Anyways, we ended up doing right under eight miles on the hilly horse trail. We kept a pretty steady pace with an average of 9:30/mile.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A time for spikes

Shortly into my run today at Elm Creek, I took a pretty hefty fall. The road rash doesn't look so bad now but I'm sure I will have a cluster of nasty bruises tomorrow. But I don't know if that hurt worse then my phone call with a certain well known Leadville coach today. Although he gave a ton of useful information, the statement about being a "hefty size" runner bruised my ego a bit. Basically, for me to be at my ideal running weight, I need to lose 25-30 lbs-what! I haven't been that weight since I was maybe 10 years old and that was well before I hit my growth spurt. Here, I am coming off of doing three ironmans within the past six months and overweight.....hmmmm. Well, I'm not going to argue with the man since he has been coaching Leadville athletes since the mid 80's-he has to know that he is talking about right? Anyways, he was generous to spend 2 hours on the phone with me asking questions and him providing training and racing tips.

I did end the conversation feeling a little uneasy or matter of fact FREAKED OUT, but dedicated to the challenge of competing Leadville!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Well I did it! My season is officially over and my new training season is just starting to begin. 2012 is going to bring me through a new journey. I have decided to take a year off from competing in the Ironman branded races. I love the experience of Ironman, but am looking for a new challenge in 2012. After running with my Run Club pals over at Lifetime, a couple of us decided to take the ultimate plunge-we signed up for the Leadville 100 ultramarathon. To add flame to the fire, I plan to compete in the Leadman Epic 250 Triathlon in Las Vegas in May. I'm super excited to take on these new challenges in the upcoming 2012 year!

Below, I have posted a link to my adventure in Leadville, CO:

The Leadman Epic 250 is a triathlon located outside of Las Vegas in May. This race entails a 5k (3.1mi) swim in Lake Mead, 138 mile bike through the Valley of Fire, and a 22K run to the Hoover Dam. This sounds to me like the coolest course ever!

The good thing is that I will not be alone during these endeavors, as I will have a couple of my Run Club peeps running along side me in Leadville and my teammate Christina competing with me in Vegas.

As for the rest of my upcoming season, I haven't decided. I have been asked back to represent Erik's again. Since both Dave (the other tri ambassador) and mine races are early this year, Erik's is hoping to get us on our new bikes right after the new year. They are talking about putting us on either a Specialized Shiz or Willier next season, but we won't until until right before the bike can be ordered. I am super excited to ride either one.

I am also hoping that Aquaphor, will bring me back as one of their ambassadors again next season-lord knows that I will definitely be in need of lots of Aquaphor with training and competing at Leadville.

Friday, December 2, 2011

IMAZ 2011

Bitter Sweet!
I can't believe the year went by so fast! And what a year it was!

3 Ironmans in one season-check
Descended Ironman times throughout the season-check
One overall triathlon win-check
Featured Aquaphor Athlete-check
Fulfilled sponsorships will Erik's Bike Shop and Aquaphor-check
Graduation from FNP program-check
Passed FNP board exam-check