Friday, May 20, 2011

My new baby has arrived!

Check this out!

The question is what have I been up to since my last posting. Over the past month my training has been up and down due to mother natures blessings of crappy weather and an over busy clinical, school, and work schedule-so in other words nothing much has changed. Despite this, I have managed to participate in a few events. The first one was on May 1st, which was the Ironman bike ride. Traditionally, the ironman bike ride has been known for crappy weather. I have participated in this even twice before, both must have been on the only two years with decent weather. This year the ride lived up to it's tradition of HORRIBLE weather! I intended on riding the 100 mile route until I was driving to the start and my car was being blown all over the road. I ended up only doing 68 mile, which felt like 200 in the 40+ mph winds and wind chill in the teens! The only good thing that came out of that day was that I got to bike with my friends Erica, Christina, and Katy-oh and the shots of bailey's we added to our coffee afterwards!

My second event of the season was the Lakes to Pines Triathlon. The Lakes to Pine Triathlon is held in the small town of Park Rapids, MN approximately 4 hours away from the twin cities. I haven't ever experienced Park Rapids without snow on the ground. In the past, I have attended a winter running retreat held at a resort owned by a friend of mine that is located about 30 minutes North of Park Rapids. I ended up staying at the resort and had a nice little weekend get away-well nice except for the crappy weather.

Race morning came early and as I made my way to the race site my car was being blown all over the road not to mention that air temp was 30 degrees. I arrived to the race site, early as usual so that I can get a decent spot in the transition area and have time to get the spot all set up to my liking. As soon as I got my transition spot set up, the skies openned up and started to pour!

The race consisted of a 500 yard pool swim, 15 mile bike, and a 5k run. The pool swim thing was a new thing for me-at least in triathlon. I haven't raced in a pool since I was in high school. We were sent is waves of 12 people (2 in each lane), the first heat being the slowest and the last being the fastest. I was put in the fastest wave and the only female in the wave. I thought for sure I was going to get my arse kicked, but I held my own and ended up finshing second in my heat-even with my lane mate drafting off me the entire swim.

After the swim, we headed out of the school to the transition area where I found my soaking wet gear, threw a pair of gloves on, stepped into my bike shoes, and ran my bike out of the transition area. The bike course consisted of two short loops. We headed East out of town about a mile then turned to head North. When you turned to head North it was like turning into a brick wall! The wind was blowing in the 30+ mph range causing me to work like I was climbing a mountain. I however did manage to remain above 20 mph against the wind. As I made my way through the second loop the wind and sleet had really start to pick up. I remember looking down at my legs and they were a reddish purple color from being so cold.

As I hopped off the bike and headed into T2 I realized that I couldn't feel my feet anymore (not a good sign huh). I changed out of my bike shoes to my run shoes in less than a fast time since my hands were frozen and not working very well. My legs were barely moving or at least that is how they felt for the first 1 mile of the run-not to mention that I didn't get feeling back into my feet until almost mile 2. I literally felt like my feet had been amputated and I was running on the stumps!

It was really hard to gauge where you were at in the race since everyone started in different heats but I felt that I had a pretty good chance at winning the race and I did! I ended up getting first place female overall and breaking the course record! My first win! YAY!