Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Health Promotion and Life Balance-what a crock!

Well at least for nurses/nursing students.....

As a class requirement we are to journal about our week. This was the start of my last weeks journal.

All I can say is what a week. I don’t know where to start; however this week was really hard. My stress level is through the roof! Right now the big push in the health care field is finding life balance and health promoting activities. I’m going to apologize now, however I feel that how do we as nurses and future APN’s promote two these two important concepts if it’s a not regular practice of nurses/nursing students. I started my week off battling MSU’s financial aid department again about their inability to figure out that I have graduated from the masters program over six months ago and then started a new program to trying to keep up with my readings, projects, and clinical hours. Not to mention work being extremely demanding not allowing time to break away take a breath, my nephew being hospitalized over the week, and me trying to get over this strep throat crap. I was literally home for a total of 10-12 hours Tuesday through Friday night.

The feedback that my instructor gave to me was "you made a commitment to go back to school and during this time you are in school you will have to give up some things...." Well let me see.....Do I give up the one hour of sleep I got each day or my shower? Hmmm maybe both.....people would get out of my way on the road because I will be driving like a drunk and my clinic appointments will be REALLY fast because I stink so bad.

I was once told that because I'm single that I didn't have a family and so that I can stay to do the extra shifts at work and that I should give up my training/workouts because its just an extra thing that I do. My question to these people is are you willing to give up your kids? There is a nursing theorists that talks about family being the people you call family. These people do not have to be blood related or share the same name or the same house. News flash.......my family does consist of my parents and siblings (by blood) but my biggest support group are my friends so I would consider them my family. So in response to my professor, if you are not willing to give up your family while teaching this course then I shouldn't be expected to do so either.

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