Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow! The year has gone by fast! I have now entered taper (the part of the training where we allow our bodies rest and recover).

Last weekend was the last of the big training hours. Cindy, Erica, and I completed the annual cabin ride of 90 miles. The ride was and for the most part went off without a hitch! Cindy and I shared stories with Erica about our previous cabin rides and the traditions that had to be completed like our 10 mile bike tips, stopping at our picture stops, and mooing at the cows! Weatherwise, we lucked out! It seemed as though everyone else got drenched with rain except us-NOT one drop until we were done! And the wind-holy moly, although we had to battle against it for first 10 miles, it was with us for the remaining 80! This year the memorable story from the ride was Erica's mechanical issue (see the picture above). Approximately, 72 miles into the ride we had to stop because Erica got a bug in her helmet, not knowing whether it was a bee the helmet had to come off! Erica got the bug out of her helmet and we were about to start on our way when SNAP her rear derailer broke! Erica's ride came to an end and my mom was phoned to come pick her up. My mom and Erica headed to the local tavern, while Cindy and I continued to ride. Along the way, Cindy and I met up with Erica and my mom for a quick Diet Coke and then finished the remaining 5 miles. Overall the ride time was about 5 hours.

The next morning we packed up our things early, as we all had things to do back in the cities that day. Margarita and I had Twins tickets compliments from her future employer (Sports and Ortho). Even though I'm not a huge baseball fan, I wasn't willing to pass up the chance to see the new stadium and the suites that they had reserved! We hung out with her future co-workers (and who knows could be mine someday as well:)), who all seem awesome!

Sunday, was my last long run! Cindy was racing the 13.1 along River Road and Lake Nokomis that day. I wanted to get a chance to cheer on Cindy, Mark, and their brother in law so I ran the route backward until I met up with them which worked well! I felt awesome on the run! This was probably the best run I have had all training season!

Monday, I ran with run club and ended up doing 5.25 miles.

Tuesday, I swam early in the morning at Lifetime. I had a fantastic swim! Yay!

Wednesday, I biked along River Road for a total of 50 minutes and then did an open water swim at Lake Nokomis.

It is amazing how fast you can turn a corner in training! I am feeling much confident in my swimming and running, which has seemed to be ongoing issues for me all season long! I'm glad that things are starting to come together now as there isn't much more I can do before the big day in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of big days! Today, a group of my training buddies and close friends have made their way to Louisville, KY for their Ironman event on Sunday. I'm so excited for them as all of them are going to do awesome! I do have to admit that I'm a bit jealous that I'm not there with them! I can't wait however, watch them online on Sunday!