Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow! Only 24 days until Ironman!!!! This week is my last ha-rah of long training hours as next week I enter into the taper part of my training. This time of my training forward a bunch of crazy thoughts like I haven't done enough, I don't know the course well enough, my nutrition is all wrong....and the list goes on. Taper is bitter sweet-exciting in the sense that the race is so close and nerve racking as well.

Wednesday will be my last day at Discover Strength (Personal Trainers) before my big day! It will be fun to hear the guys last words of wisdom!

On Friday, will be my last long ride of the training season! Just like the past couple of years, I will be doing my annual cabin ride with Cindy and Erica. The ride is right under 90 miles long and the course is flat until the last 15 miles where we hit some rollers. Each year the cabin ride is an adventure! The first year (2008), I had talked Cindy and Jen R. into riding with me even though they were not training for Ironman! We has a few misshaps with taking a few wrong turns and me getting a flat tire-during that ride I learned that I could change a tire in less than 7 minutes!!!!

Last year (2009), Cindy and I completed the ride in record time! We cut off about 2 hours!!!! For the most part the ride was pretty uneventful! We made all the right turns and there was no bonking! Along the way we did make a short pit stop, when a guy met up with us who had been chasing us for several miles! Then hen when finally making it to the cabin, our fan club was there to greet us (some of the old people in the resort were waiting for us since my parents had mentioned it that we were riding our bikes to the cabin from my house).

I'm excited to see what our 2010 adventure will bring!