Friday, July 16, 2010

I am feeling a little less fatigued making my workouts over the past couple of days much more enjoyable! Since last weekend I have really focused on getting enough rest-something that I haven't focused on in at least the past four years!

Wednesday, it was miserable, disgusting, swampy gross weather! When watching the news that night the weatherman stated it felt like 106 degrees-the hottest in 5 years! Along with heat was the unpredictability in the storm radar! So not wanting to chance getting caught in some severe weather I ended up biking inside for a hour and then following my workout up with a 75 minute swim. I felt strong! Yay! A guy in the lane next to even commented on my strong swimming!

Thursday, I met Kouba for the double combo. The double combo consist of a 45 minute tempo with 15 minute run at race pace (yeah you were thinking the double combo was some fast food dinner!) I felt great! Woohoo back in the swing of things! The first temp ride ended up being a little longer than expected so we made the second one a bit shorter but all in all we got in the time. This was probably the best run that I have had in weeks! Following the workout Kouba and I spent some time out on the boat relaxing before Irondaddy's big send off party for Lake Placid.

Today, I met Carla for a ride at the Dam. She had asked for some advice on biking. We ended up riding for two hours and I got a chance to share what I have learned over the past couple of years throughout my training for Ironman. Following the bike ride, I headed out for a 10 mile run. The run went pretty well even though it was really hot! My right calf was a bit crampy in the beginning but loosen up about 3 miles into the run. Towards the end of the run my legs did become a bit stiff and heavy, probably related to being depleted of electrolytes. I do have a funny story though.........during the run a woman stopped me and asked me why I was out running. I responded with "why." She the stated that I shouldn't be out running because it was 91 degrees and I should be taking it easy! I told her I was taking it easy so she didn't continue to jump down my mom once told me when I was little that the heat brings out the crazy people-I think that she was right:)