Monday, May 10, 2010

A weekend of celebration

School is officially done!!!! Or at least this graduate program is I do have plans to continue maybe as soon as fall semester. I know-I'm a glutten for punishment! It has been a busy but important weekend with my graduate school graduation and Ethan's Baptism/Owen's welcoming ceremony.

Saturday, started early with my alarm set for 3:45 am so that I get dressed in my graduation apparel and on the road to Mankato by 6:00 am for my graduation ceremonies. The first of the ceremonies in Mankato was my hooding by my advisor. The second ceremony of the day was the actual graduation. Following the ceremonies, we took a few pictures and then headed back to the cities. On the way back we stopped and had dinner with Joel and Amy at El Loro. Then that night I did a little celebrating with Maragarita and Rob.

Sunday was Owen and Ethan's big day! Ethan was baptized and Owen was welcomed into the church. The kids did awesome, however you could tell that Owen was a bit nervous for the days event. I am a proud god momma of Ethan! We followed up the kids celebration day with brunch at the Christenson house.

On to my training:
I have had a pretty good week of training! Or at least consistent week of training:) Following my finals, I have had some time to concentrate on training. Although, I looked forward to every workout, each one kicked my butt! It was one tough week of workouts! Tuesday was hills-90 minutes of running hills! Wednesday, I spent two hours on the trainer since it was really cold and yucky outside. Thursday, again it was a hill day, but on the bike. We spent 2 hours doing hill repeats. Friday, I ran out of time. Saturday, no workout since I was gone the day in Mankato.