Thursday, March 11, 2010


Big news! I finished my thesis!!!! I have spent my time for the past couple of weeks working around the clock on my thesis, other school work, and clinical completing hours plus work my full time job so......literally working around the clock!. I have followed the pattern of work to exhaustion sleep for one hour work until exhaustion sleep for one hour work my shift at work sleep one hour-okay you get the point. All I can say is that I have only 57 days of grad school left!!!!!

To add to the craziness in my like I have started my job hunt. I applied for a different position at Gillette and on Monday I had brief informal telephone meeting with the manager of the telemedicine department for an Educational Specialist position. Next Tuesday I will be officially interview for the position-the process is long! I first will be interviewing with the Manager of the units that I will possibly be working with. Then I head to a panel interview and to finish the process I interview with HR-It's going to be long day!!!! The position sounds like a great opportunity for utilize my skills that I that learned my graduate program.

My training hours were very compromised over the past week-I only ended up getting in a couple of workout in last week. This week, I am back on track with my training, however since I took so many days off last week I'm super sore today!

Tuesday: Ran 9.5 miles. Run 15 minutes of stairs and 10 minutes of running the ramps at the Children's Museum
Wednesday: 2 hour biking (7 x 15 minute intervals in each gear), Ran 30 minutes (15 minutes of stairs)

Today the plan is to attend P2