Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay, my life continues to be busy-you probably guess since I haven't updated my blog in yet another week. Where to life has been crazy busy and of course not uneventful. All I can say if that I CAN'T wait until this semester is done! I want to live a life of normalcy; I want to have some spare time and less craziness!

Prior to this semester starting I was talking with a co-worker of mine about my having to drive to Mankato twice a week for my last semester. I had said its not going to be a big deal since winter was coming to a close. Haha.......what was that the groundhog always sees his shadow in Minnesota. Monday I spent 6 hours on the road for a 1 hour class! I think that I was being a little optimistic regarding the closure of winter. BUT that 's fine because my current crazy schedule doesn't allow for me to be doing any outside warm weather training right now anyways. So I still lack my payment of financial aid, running from place to place, having the stomach flu, and my bank accounts being hacked into-I had a great week:)

Since we are starting our second month of Ironman training (now being 4 weeks in) I get a rejuv week. The timing of this rejuv week couldn't have been better.

Monday, I did my personal training session and workout with discover strength. I skipped the optional swim or bike.

Tuesday, I did a hour run with my friend Corrine

Wednesday, I skipped my workout

Thurday, I again skipped my workout

Friday, I ran for a hour.