Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Love Hate Relationship.......

Recently after much convincing, I decided to try a different running shoe. For the past couple Ironman training seasons, I have battled weird pains and injury to my left foot and ankle. I have been running in Saucony Hurricanes for probably the past 6 years. The hurricanes are a great shoe with lots and lots of support that I don't actually need. After talking to my Sports Med friend Margarita and the sales guy at Gear West, I was partially convinced that it is probably the hurricanes that have been contributing to my injuries because I'm was being over supported, which has cause the muscle groups to weaken. So, I ended up deciding to try a pair of Newton running shoes. Newtons according to their website, are built with Action/Reaction Technology. The soles have these four pieces of rubber that extend over the midfoot that absorb the energy from the foot strike and then releases it as you begin your next stride. This technology is essentially suppose to promote better form and efficiency. Sounds great and dandy-huh! Because they are a completely different running shoe, with completely different technology there is a break in period. I have now run in my new shoes a couple of times and ended up being sssooo sore! My feet feel great! Ankle, shins, and butt have been so sore. I can notice the difference in the weight of the shoes, which is probably cut in half! And I also notice the power in the lift in my knees when beginning my stride. I think the shoes are working and I'm guessing that the soreness is related to now using the muscle groups that became weak over the past 6 years.

The best part of my new shoes is that they have become the fashion statement at the gym! I have had so many comments on how cute they are-I guess that's reason in itself to continue wearing the shoes.

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Christina said...

LOVE the new shoes!!! Glad they're working well for you too!