Friday, December 3, 2010

A little less than 7 months away!

My first Ironman of the year is a little less than 7 months away! Training started this week, well at least was suppose to start. I started off the week with great intentions to hit the training hard. About a month ago, I was exploring options and researching ways to improve my training and racing season this year. I for the past year and a half had been lifting weights with the guys over at Discover Strength, which made a huge difference in my racing performance back in 2009. As I continued to workout at Discover they hired some newer trainers and I started to feel as though I wasn't getting the same results. Although, I feel as though weightlifting is beneficial to my triathlon training and performance, I needed to switch up the routine and thought to give P90X a try. I'm sure in the future, I will return to Discover Strength but for right now I need the change.

The program starts you out by doing a fitness test to ensure that one would have the ability to be successful at the program. The test takes about a hour to complete and you are given a minimum for each exercise to meet. I made all the minimums. I then started the 90 day program two days later as suggested. Day one consisted of alternating push ups and chin ups for 60 minutes and then 30 minutes of core exercises. The program is hard! And I realized that I'm a complete wimp! I finished that day with a 5.25 mile run with Run Club.

Man oh man! The next day, I was so sore! I went and got a massage and was still sore. Tuesday night was the first official day of the P2 training season and I didn't enjoy the run one bit because I was so sore! Anyways, I never ended up completing another day of P90X not because I haven't wanted to but my because my schedule hasn't allowed for it.

I have so busy this weeek! I'm currently in the middle of a six day work stretch with one day off on Monday to start up another eight day stretch. Plus, I have been busting my butt to complete all my clinical hours, attend class, and study. I only have one more week left of the semester and then I will have a month free from school! yippee!

I recently returned back from my trip to Arizona. I had a complete blast spectating Ironman and fulfilling my sherpa duties. It was so fun watching some of the best pro's race and Chrissie Wellington break the world record! I even got the chance to meet a few of the pro's as I hung out with their photographer a lot of the race weekend. Margarita and all the other athletes from Minnesota did awesome! One of the best parts of my trip was getting the chance to catch up with my friend Kim who moved to Atlanta earlier this year, who I miss dearly! My brief trip ended on Monday after I waited in line for a couple hours to sign up for next year's Ironman race.

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