Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well my triathlon season has officially started.....well lets say it started a month ago. I still am finding myself pulled in a million directions making it hard to get everything done! I have been happy with the consistency of my training since school has been out! Yeah! Since I did have to take so much time off during the spring, I have found myself struggling a little more with each workout but its coming along. I can at least that I'm feeling slightly ahead in my biking when comparing my last couple of years of training for Ironman. I have completed a 72 mile killer ride in Riverfalls, 76 mile ride in Stillwater, and have been out to Madison twice to ride. I really need to start focusing on my swim and run though!

As for my racing:
Over Memorial weekend, I ran the Madison half marathon. I was a little disappointed with my less than stellar performance. I haven't ran over a two hour half since 2007-just a little frustrated!:( Not that I have any excuses but the day was really hot (where they shut the course down early due to the heat) and we had rode the loop the day prior to the race.

Liberty 1/2 was mid June and again, I had a less than stellar performance there as well:( Liberty was the extreme opposite in weather from the Madison half-cold, wet, and windy. I had a really hard time warming up! My legs felt like logs on the bike and I shivered throughout the run. Can you wear your wetsuit for a whole triathlon? The swim was the best part except that it was measured a bit long, so I had a disappointing swim time (along with everyone else). The one good thing that came out of the day was knowing that I have mental strength to get myself through a long race day in crappy weather like that.

My next race will be Lifetime. I am signed up for the corporate challenge relay racing for Optum Health (I'm doing the swim) and then I will be racing the sprint course. I'm looking forward to Lifetime since its such a great event! I can't wait to see all the pro's!

What else....
I do have some exciting news! I along with 30+ of my friends/training partners will be heading to Coeur D'Alene Idaho next June to race Ironman! I need to start practicing in the cold! Check out this article:

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