Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time goes by so fast! I can't believe Ironman Wisconsin is only 60 days away!!!!! My training has been coming along except for the little bit of fatigue that I have felt over the past couple of days. I was hoping that I would get caught up on R & R over past week since I was off of work for seven days. My vacation ended up being quite a bit more eventful than expected. Monday (July 5th), I had my typical strength session scheduled at Discover Strength, which turned into a less than typical session when a man that was working out on the machine next to me became unconscious and gasping for air. We called 911 immediately and my emergent medical skills were quickly administered. I later found out that the man had a stroke and that if I wouldn't had been there to help him, he would had died! The man is doing well and is continously making progress! Thank god!

Tuesday I left for a quick trip to North Dakota (I will explain the reason for the trip at another time). Anyways returned back to the cities on Thursday evening after a long eight and a half hour drive.

Friday, I spent the day running around getting ready to race Lifetime on Saturday.

Saturday turned into an interesting day as I race both the short course relay and the short course individual triathlon. When I decided to sign up for the short individual, I explained to race director my plan to race the relay and the sprint course and he was fine with it. Well, I messed up the race results since according to the people that work for the timing chip company, their system cannot support a person doing two races.........what? I was like what if you have two people with the same name racing........doesn't make any sense! Anyways, when it came to the award ceronmy they had announce me getting 3rd place but once they got all the results worked out I ended up with 2nd you think that they will send me my 2nd place trophy? Overall the race went pretty well. When comparing my results to the last time that I had race Lifetime my time was about a minute faster this year.

Sunday, I met Margarita for a ride on the Chisago Lakes course. I had intended on doing 112 however I was so exhausted from the weeks festivities that I only ended up getting in 62 miles.

I spent the past couple day trying to get caught up on my rest so that I can continue to train for ironman effectively.

Monday, I got in a short swim at Lifetime and then headed to Discover Strength for my strength session with Mo. I then ended my day with 5.25 mile run with Run Club.

Tuesday, still feeling fatigued (or Margarita would put it "bonked"). I just did an easy 75 minute run with P2.

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