Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SO So Sore!

Since school has been completed my biggest priority has been to get all my training in or at least as much as time allows for me to get in. With my last semester's interference, my training was less than consistent. This week I have been trying hard to get caught up and stay consistent with my training.

Monday, I missed my swim and bike but still managed to have a killer workout! Killer in the sense that I was killing myself with boredom from the run on the dreadmill and then a workout that was worth killing myself for at Discover Strength. Since the weather has been a little less willing to cooperate with my training(who does mother nature think she is)I didn't get in my bike workout that I was trying to make up from last Saturday. I ended up running for a hour on the treadmill. I also ran out time to get my scheduled swim in for Monday's workout as well.

On the 23rd, I had my baby into the bike doctor for her yearly check up and change out in her chain. When I picked up my bike Aaron had mentioned to me that my bottom bracket was starting to wear out but everything else was looking great. I excited to ride, took her to P2 practice on Thursday (a hill bike workout). The workout was hard-hard like I was riding in the hardest gear the entire workout, plus my chain was rubbing a bit. I struggled through the workout! I was frustrated with myself and my workout that day. Monday, I bought my bike back to County Cycle to have the rubbing checked out and mentioned how hard the Thursday workout had been. Well it turns out that my bottom bracket was extremely worn out and needed to be replaced, which hopefully was the culprit for my biking being so difficult.

Following my run I made my return to Discover Strength for my first strength workout since the beginning of the semester. Even though the workouts are horribly hard, I was excited to get back into the routine of doing strength training and hanging out with my personal trainer buddies over at DS. I was scheduled with Luke but got the royal treatment from Greg, Luke and Dan. I started off the session by telling Luke that I hadn't been there in a while and he stated that he was well aware and that they would be easy on me (yeah right-they don't know what going easy is). Needless to say, I left the appointment shakey for hours to follow and sore to the point that my arms cannot be lifted along with screams of soreness everytime I sit down.

Tuesday, on the training for the day was a 90 minute hill run with an optional bike. Since it was my turn to lead run club, I ended up doing a hour of hills by myself and then finished my workout up with an easy 30 minute run with run club. The run was hard, but I felt that it wasn't as bad as the previous Tuesday run, which was done in the same location except for the fact that I still cannot move my arms because they are sssssoooooo sore!

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