Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why is it that you never complete all that you need to or at least intend to? This weekend I was hoping to get all my assignments completed as the semesters end is approaching quickly and my weeks have maintained at busy! I did get a few things done and hope get in a few hours before I dive into the next big project due this week.

Over the weekend, I did however get in some much needed training! (Stress reliever!) Saturday, I led run club and ended up getting in a 2 hour run and then finished the day up with a 2 hour bike.

Sunday, I started my day off with swim practice with P2 and then headed to Riverfalls for a HARD bike ride! I'm happy to have accomplished the ride since I believe the course is harder than Madison!

Monday, April 5, 2010

And to....start another busy week!

I just got back from Mankato-let me see maybe only eight more trips..........
I'm ready to start another crazy busy week with many many hours of clinical and work and hopefully some training. To help ease the number of sleepless hours this week, I put a call into work to hopefully be canceled-cross your fingers. If I don't get canceled I will start another several day stretch without any sleep!

So on the docket for the week, I have work, work, clinical, clinical, clinical, a trip to Mankato, and work, work, work.....and hopefully some training!!!! I at least heard the weather isn't going to be very nice this week:)

As for training, I spent some time training with my peeps over at P2 on Saturday- 2 hour indoor bike alternating 10 minutes standing with 10 minutes sitting. We then headed down to Hyland hills for a 1.5 hour run on the trail mix course.

Sunday, I ended up riding for 1.5 hours outside. I intended on running but started having some soreness in my ankle (where I was injured after Ironman). I opted to skip the run and take Shad for a walk-she was obnoxious! Her behavior would be somewhat acceptable if she were a puppy but she is 12 years old!!!!