Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the sleepless nights and days continue....

I have been working around the clock (literally!) trying to get caught up! I am now going on over 48 hours of no sleep (okay I lied I did take a 40 minute nap) and still have more work than can be fit in the remaining hours of the day! If this semester doesn't kill me, nothing will! Anyways, on the docket for the week.....
Monday: Clinical in the AM, class in Mankato, work -missed my workout:(
Tuesday: Clinical straight from work until 3:30, work on thesis defense presentation, and finish project due Wed, work-missed workout:(
Wednesday: Class in Mankato, Class in Edina (project due), Finish papers for CNS and Leadership (Due last week)-Miss workout:(
Thursday: THESIS DEFENSE!!!!! Finish weekly homework, work-possibly get in a workout!
Friday: CNS Conference straight from work, Finish homework and-get in a short workout, go into work!!!!
Saturday: workout & work-Homework????
Sunday: Workout & work-Homework????

I'm FRUSTRATED by my over busy school schedule and my lack of being able to train!

How many days until May 8th? And by the way I work that day too!

So in the midst of juggling this crazy schedule, I have been contacted by a couple of recruiters for Clinical Nurse Specialist jobs. I'm looking forward to getting out and interviewing for these new positions!


runnergirl1 said...

And they would be so lucky to have you! You are amazing. I've been praying for your little nephew too. Remember my offer to help edit anything for you. All the best on your thesis defense!

Amy said...

I believe there are only 43 days left until May 8th. Hang in there girl!! Congrats on your thesis defense!