Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Man, it has been a while since my last post. BUSY is the word to explain for my delayed posting! What else is new huh!

Just to give you an update regarding my nephew since my last posting. Ethan was officially diagnosed with Downs. Although the diagnosis of Downs, he is healthy-Thank God! Ethan's heart, respiratory, and GI examinations and tests have all come back normal! In addition to the tests and exams, Ethan has been eating great and doesn't have to have P.E. tubes placed (common for most Downs babies).

So what have I been up too since my last posting?

School started back in session mid January. I was anticipating a pretty uneventful and fairly light load for my last semester of grad school at Mankato. About mid January, as I was filling out my graduation application when it was brought to my attention that a course that I had taken at St. Cloud State wouldn't transfer-AAAAHHHH! Since this was brought to my attention after the registration window was closed, I spent a good amount time panicking and begging professors to grant me late registration. I luckily found one professor to take pity on me and allow me to start class late but the class brings me to Mankato twice a week!

As I work towards graduation, I have been working on my thesis and playing the games with IRB committee at Mankato. Today I submitted my documents again after updating the documents previously submitted. Cross your fingers that they approve it this time!

Of course since nothing is simple and the game of jumping through hoops continues. I was notified this week that there was a hold put on my financial aid because I have taken too many credits-AAAAGGGHHHH again! I ended up having to write an appeal to have my financial aid reinstated and I will find out the results in 10-14 days-Again cross your fingers again! The funny thing though is that I got an email this week reminding me to fill out my financial aid for next year!? What?

Anyways between running between classes and clinical, I have found a little time to continue my training over the past couple of days. Yes-I have started 2010 Ironman training again! I again will be training with my coach from the 2009 session and the P2 Peeps.

The training season has started strong with 6 hours of training over this past weekend and a 1-2 hour during the week days. The workouts have been challenging! I love it!

This week:
Monday: I had my personal training session with discover strength which left me pretty sore. It must have been the new exercises. I ended up skipping my bike workout-ran out of time

Tuesday: Ran 1 hour at Lifetime alternating stairs and track. Was 30 minutes short on the run workout and skipped the Xtra credit workout of biking.

Today: Plan to attend bike session at P2

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I posted some pictures of my new little nephew Ethan-what doll! As life continues to prove to not turn out the way it is expected or hoped Ethan was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome based off physical features. Michelle (my sister) struggled through a difficult -high risk pregnancy which led her down a long road of being poked and prodded with test after test to rule out any challenges the baby may face (this was done because of her gestational diabetes and Owen's problems). All tests showed a negative finding for Down's which has left the doctors mystified to how a diagnosis of Down's could have been missed. Since Ethan's birth, he has gone through a multitude of tests that are used to rule out any of the common challenges that a child with Down's faces such as congenital heart defects and respiratory concerns which showed to be negative as well-the doctors again are still mystified! So again we a playing the waiting game to see what the blood tests have to show which will give the definitive diagnosis of Down's-maybe its a misdiagnosis!? Either way it doesn't matter because this perfect little boy is our center and our love:)

Owen quickly picked up on the big brother role by picking on Ethan by poking his head and pulling his hat off. Owen also covered Ethan's face with drool from all the sloppy kisses. Those two boys are going to have a ton a fun through their future years-I'm sure Matt and Michelle will be pulling their hair out by the time the boys hit their teenage years (I'm sure both boys picked up the Andrychowicz can't sit still gene:))

On to another year full of training! What will 2010 bring-hopefully another year of PR's and crazy training adventures! I have maintained my training over the off season with attending as many of the XP2 sessions as my hectic schedule would allow and continued getting big muscles by attending the personal training sessions at Discover Strength. The regular P2 sessions start this week-I can't wait! I look forward to the upcoming training and racing season!

So as with the start of any new year there are resolutions-I prefer New Year goals. Last year I did pretty good as I had the goal to PR at my triathlons and did go under 13 hours at Ironman. I didn't do so well at the eating healthier goal.

2010 Goals:
1. Ironman PR
2. Better organization
3. Healthier eating

I have been off to a good start with my workouts in 2010!
Friday's workout consisted of a 60 minute run (15 minutes track, 5 minutes stairs with med ball, 15 minute track, 5 minutes stairs with med ball, 15 minutes hills on treadmill, 5 minutes stairs with med ball)
Saturday's workout consisted of 60 minute ride (5 minute sit/stand intervals), 15 minute run track, 5 minutes stairs with med ball, 10 minutes track laps consisting of running and lunges, ab's to finish.


Saturday, January 2, 2010