Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I can't believe we are coming to the end of 2010! I am completely ready to say good bye to 2010 and ready to get started in 2011! On Christmas morning, following my shift at work, I decided to run The Joyful 5k. Since I started training for ironman distance triathlons running 5k's have gone along the way side, but Aquaphor offered the deal that if I ran one more race this year they would pay me $50, so I thought why not. I didn't have real high expectations for this 5k since I was running on tired legs and this being my first run outside this winter. The route was two loops around Lake Como. The path was really slippery but my trail Newton's made a big difference. I ended up leading the women on the first loop and then got passed on the second. I was still happy to come out with a second place finish!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Excited for my POWERFIX class today! There is nothing like killing yourself as you complete a grueling bike workout. For the first time since I have been training for triathlon, I'm going get my "numbers." We will be doing a bike class and measuring our wattage or how much power we produce when riding. The goal is to figure what can be changed to create more wattage and hence faster more efficient biking. I will however question the accuracy of my numbers not because the instructors don't know what they are doing but due to the built up aggression I have after speaking to my professors over the past couple of days. My semester is over and my brain SHOULD be shut off from school right. I'm just so sick of paying for courses where the professors choose not to do their job! DEEP BREATH.........

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Limbo Time

I just finished a 14 day stretch at work and my semester is done. It was nice to sleep normal hours and actually sleep in! I'm in limbo time again! To go from literally every moment of every day planned out so that every task can completed to having some free time is a hard adjustment! I got a chance to clean my house and wrap my christmas presents-Woohoo! And I got a massage......Wow, it's great to have time!

My training this week has been consistent except for the skipped swim workouts. My plan is to sign up for master swimming over the next week-there is something about paying a bunch of money out to make me be a little more consistent with the swim workouts. I am a bit nervous to start swimming with a group again! I can remember my first day of swimming on my high school swim team and how I wanted to kill myself because it was so hard! I'm not looking forward to struggling through practices but am looking forward to having efficiency and speed!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Love Hate Relationship.......

Recently after much convincing, I decided to try a different running shoe. For the past couple Ironman training seasons, I have battled weird pains and injury to my left foot and ankle. I have been running in Saucony Hurricanes for probably the past 6 years. The hurricanes are a great shoe with lots and lots of support that I don't actually need. After talking to my Sports Med friend Margarita and the sales guy at Gear West, I was partially convinced that it is probably the hurricanes that have been contributing to my injuries because I'm was being over supported, which has cause the muscle groups to weaken. So, I ended up deciding to try a pair of Newton running shoes. Newtons according to their website, are built with Action/Reaction Technology. The soles have these four pieces of rubber that extend over the midfoot that absorb the energy from the foot strike and then releases it as you begin your next stride. This technology is essentially suppose to promote better form and efficiency. Sounds great and dandy-huh! Because they are a completely different running shoe, with completely different technology there is a break in period. I have now run in my new shoes a couple of times and ended up being sssooo sore! My feet feel great! Ankle, shins, and butt have been so sore. I can notice the difference in the weight of the shoes, which is probably cut in half! And I also notice the power in the lift in my knees when beginning my stride. I think the shoes are working and I'm guessing that the soreness is related to now using the muscle groups that became weak over the past 6 years.

The best part of my new shoes is that they have become the fashion statement at the gym! I have had so many comments on how cute they are-I guess that's reason in itself to continue wearing the shoes.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A little less than 7 months away!

My first Ironman of the year is a little less than 7 months away! Training started this week, well at least was suppose to start. I started off the week with great intentions to hit the training hard. About a month ago, I was exploring options and researching ways to improve my training and racing season this year. I for the past year and a half had been lifting weights with the guys over at Discover Strength, which made a huge difference in my racing performance back in 2009. As I continued to workout at Discover they hired some newer trainers and I started to feel as though I wasn't getting the same results. Although, I feel as though weightlifting is beneficial to my triathlon training and performance, I needed to switch up the routine and thought to give P90X a try. I'm sure in the future, I will return to Discover Strength but for right now I need the change.

The program starts you out by doing a fitness test to ensure that one would have the ability to be successful at the program. The test takes about a hour to complete and you are given a minimum for each exercise to meet. I made all the minimums. I then started the 90 day program two days later as suggested. Day one consisted of alternating push ups and chin ups for 60 minutes and then 30 minutes of core exercises. The program is hard! And I realized that I'm a complete wimp! I finished that day with a 5.25 mile run with Run Club.

Man oh man! The next day, I was so sore! I went and got a massage and was still sore. Tuesday night was the first official day of the P2 training season and I didn't enjoy the run one bit because I was so sore! Anyways, I never ended up completing another day of P90X not because I haven't wanted to but my because my schedule hasn't allowed for it.

I have so busy this weeek! I'm currently in the middle of a six day work stretch with one day off on Monday to start up another eight day stretch. Plus, I have been busting my butt to complete all my clinical hours, attend class, and study. I only have one more week left of the semester and then I will have a month free from school! yippee!

I recently returned back from my trip to Arizona. I had a complete blast spectating Ironman and fulfilling my sherpa duties. It was so fun watching some of the best pro's race and Chrissie Wellington break the world record! I even got the chance to meet a few of the pro's as I hung out with their photographer a lot of the race weekend. Margarita and all the other athletes from Minnesota did awesome! One of the best parts of my trip was getting the chance to catch up with my friend Kim who moved to Atlanta earlier this year, who I miss dearly! My brief trip ended on Monday after I waited in line for a couple hours to sign up for next year's Ironman race.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Leann recently was giving me crap on bad of a blogger I have been lately. I haven't had the chance to update my blog for some time now since the craziness returned back to my life or maybe it never left, but on any note I have been crazy busy running! I have been running from work to run club to P2 to clinic to the nursing home and and and ..... I don't remember if I had posted that I had decided to return to school and finish my Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). Although, I think by getting this degree done doors will open for a new job and normal work hours, the program is KILLING ME!!!!! I have been literally putting in close to 90 hours per week between clinical and work.........I need a break!

So what is new? Not much:)

Since Ironman, I competed in two more races before finishing my racing season. I did the Go Commando 5K adventure race and it was a blast! I don't know my time since it was not chipped time and I failed to look at the clock upon finishing, but I did have a second place finish. I ended up willing a gold medal and a hat. Woohoo!

Then two weeks following the Go Commando race, I did my yearly tradition (since 1999). I ran my 25th marathon which happened to be Twin Cities Marathon. The marathon went well. My time was less than stellar which probably was related to the lack of seriousness I put into the race. It was just a fun run.

The big news is that I'm finally going to get a small, itsy, bitsy break this week, when I fly to AZ and SPECTATE ironman! I'm so excited for my friends who are competing and get away for a short while! Plus, I get to see my favorite pros compete!

My semester is coming to an end soon-Thank God! And training for Ironman Couer D'Alene starts up next week (whoa-where did the time go!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Race Report

Where to start.....

The whole Ironman experience is amazing! It's now over a week since arriving in Madtown to begin my IMMOO 2010 (Ironman Wisconsin 2010) experience, whaaaaooo, where did the time go? I hopefully will not leave out too many important details:)

I arrived in Madison at about 2 pm after a 5 hour caravan to the great city (my parents drove in a separate car for reasons that can't be explained-okay my trizillaness isn't too fun to be around:)) Upon arrival, we went to get checked into the hotel and there in the lobby was Hillary Bisclay (a fantastic triathlete pro). She was with a friend and seemed a little ticked off but it was cool to see her anyway! We got all checked into the hotel and then quickly made our way to Morona Terrace so that I could get all checked in for this fabulous event. If you have read my previous entries, you know that the check in process is timely (about 30 minutes without any lines). You make your way from booth to booth as if you are a product on an assembly line and the last stop is the Ironman store that highly encourages you to take advantage of spending your life savings:) I just bought the new Madison Triathlon outfit and a hat and the bill came to $170!!!! Following check in my parents and I, met up with Cindy to grab some dinner and watch the Vikings game. We didn't end up staying out too long since Cindy and I both knew that we needed to rest up for the weekend events.

Friday morning started early with me picking Cindy up at 8:45 at her hotel, then grabbing Jake at his hotel so that we could get in a early morning swim and bike-at least that was the plan. Once we got up to the terrace Jake and Cindy got in line to get checked into the race. The lines were pretty lengthy already, which took a little longer than expected. By the time everyone was checked in the wind had picked up and the water was extremely choppy, so Cindy and I just ended up going for a short run instead. That night was the "Welcome Dinner," this is the event where they bring in Mike Reilly (the voice of Ironman) to get the athletes pumped up for the race and go through all the rules/safety things that need to followed by the athletes. Then to end the night, my parents and I made our way down State St. to meet up with my P2 friends and new Atlanta Tri club friends.

Saturday, again a very early start as Cindy, Jake, and I were meeting a couple other friends at the lake for a swim (A FREEZING, rainy, windy swim). We ended up only swimming a short distance, since they still hadn't set up the swim course and it was more about getting acclimated to the water temps at that point. After our swim, the three of us took the plunge again by signing up for next years race-I know! What were we thinking? I finished up the afternoon with lunch at the Great Dane with Cindy, Mark, Jake and then a couple of Jakes friends.

I got my race bags and bike dropped off at the terrace and spent the rest of late afternoon and early evening in the hotel room working on homework-I ended up spitting out three papers and one online test (all due Sunday by midnight). By the time, I was done with all the homework my head was spinning and I was so so bummed that it interrupted my Ironman experience!

That night, I met my parents, Cindy, Mark and Jake for a quick carbo loading dinner on State St. before having to head back to finish up a couple more homework items and pack my bags for the morning. After returning back to the hotel, Margarita and Michelle headed to meet me to wish me good luck and fill me in on where they would be on the course.

Sunday, came way to early!!!! I didn't end up sleeping a wink! My alarm went off at 3:45-Way to early even though, I didn't sleep! I quickly got dressed, grabbed my stuff, and my dad and I were on our out the door. My dad was walking a million miles a minute to the terrace! Once I got there, got body marked and entered the transition to pump my tires and fill my bottles with a pre-mixed carbo pro/gatorade concoction. I pumped Cindy's tires as I waited for her to get to transition. My dad left to make his way back to the hotel, I went into the Terrace to put a couple of last minute items in my transition bags and make sure that both bike shoes in my bike bag and both run shoes were in the run bag. Cindy and I hung out in the terrace along with the other 2600 athletes racing that day. I saw a few people I knew that were racing and others that were spectating, which eased the nerves a bit.

At about 6:15, I got my wetsuit on and then Cindy and I started to make our way to the start. The crowd of people was so thick, making it a REALLY slow walk to the water. As we got closer to the water the slower the crowd moved and we started getting really nervous that cannon was going to go off and we would still be on shore, so we started pushing our way through the slow moving crowd-A good we did! I was barely in the water when the cannon went off! The slow entrance into the water didn't allow for the athletes to seat themselves for the swim, creating a 2.4 mile wrestling match! I swam over people, people swam over me, I got kicked and elbowed and I did the same to others! I ended up having to stop 4 times during the swim to put my goggles back on my eyes! The swim course, seemed to be a little off-the swim course is a rectangle in which you do twice, however with the delay in the course set up the sides were curved and one side of rectangle had seven bouys evenly spaced and the other had eight very unevenly spaced bouys. After, I got out of the water, I got my wetsuit stripped and I made my way up the helix, where I saw a ton of my P2 buds cheering me on! Running up the helix is awesome! You are the big celebrity walking the red carpet at the Emmy's of Ironman!

The bike:
After getting changed, I ran out to grab my bike, ran the bike to the end of the transition and then mounted my bike. My parents were waiting at the end of the transition area, where they wished good luck as I headed out on my bike for 112 miles. About 1.5 miles into the ride a man in front of me crashed-I don't really know what happened but I just thought what crappy way to finish your day. About two miles into the ride, we catch a bike path that winds us along a little creek-this is a no passing area since the path is narrow and there are bunch of sharp turns. Once off the path, we make our way through the parking lot of the Alliant center and then onto the roads. The start and finish of the bike course is called the stick which lasts for about 14 miles and the middle part is a 42 mile loop. The loop is where the hills are located. The first 10 miles of the stick were against a head wind-uuuggghhhh I was already struggling! I remember thinking to myself that, I'm only 10 miles in and struggling-I have to get my head in the game! I laid back a bit, relaxed and tried to take in some calories (tried is the key word as I had an extremely painful gas bubble in my stomach). I felt as though each time I took a drink it would sit on top of the gas bubble and everytime I got down in my aerobars, I had acid going up my throat! As I made my into Verona, my friend Brian was waiting to see me pass by (he was volunteering in the penalty tent). I then looked forward to my favorite parts of the loops-the down hills and the parts that you can fly down the windy roads. Once, I made it to the bitches (the big hills), my teammates from P2 and friends from TCMC were there to cheer me on and up those ginormous hills. Then to finish the loop, the course goes through downtown Verona where Ironman sets up a huge cheer station that brings tears to your eyes. My parents were in Verona to cheer me on and made a huge chalk sign for me across the road. Once starting the second loop I started feeling a bit behind on calories as my energy level plummeted! I hit a strong head wind again between Verona and Mount Horeb (the worse part of the course as there isn't a lot of people out there to cheer you on and it filled with rolling hills). I was struggling to keep 12 mph with the wind gusts and me still having problems with the gas bubble in my tummy:( As the ride continued, my gas bubble started to resolve itself-thank god!

Once I got back to the terrace to get changed for the run, I was feeling TIRED! This was my first Ironman experience that I felt really depleted after the bike! I started out of the transition and found myself walking within the first couple of minutes. I had planned to do 5 and 1's on the run as I have in the past, however I was already struggling to make the five minutes of running. I got a couple of miles into the run and finally stopped at at water stop, grabbed a cup of potato chips and some perform. I knew at this point that I needed calories or I wasn't going to finish! I continued to struggle on the run for about the next four or so miles, when Margarita and Michelle met me on State St and fed me some words of encouragement. I continued to plug away at completing the miles of the run. As the run went on the I started to get caught up on my nutrition even though I had to change my plan over the course of the run. As I started feeling better, the miles started to peel away with ease! The second half of the marathon went pretty smooth, except for the multiple stops to the porta-john and my last six miles were my fastest miles of the day!

I wasn't really sure where I was at as I rounded the last corner before the finish line. I was thrilled to finish feeling strong at the finish, but a little disappointed that I didn't break 13 hours-I was so close! My official finish time was 13:00.29! I truly believe that a big part of my race success that day was because I have such a great group of friends and family that were supporting me! Thank you!!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow! The year has gone by fast! I have now entered taper (the part of the training where we allow our bodies rest and recover).

Last weekend was the last of the big training hours. Cindy, Erica, and I completed the annual cabin ride of 90 miles. The ride was and for the most part went off without a hitch! Cindy and I shared stories with Erica about our previous cabin rides and the traditions that had to be completed like our 10 mile bike tips, stopping at our picture stops, and mooing at the cows! Weatherwise, we lucked out! It seemed as though everyone else got drenched with rain except us-NOT one drop until we were done! And the wind-holy moly, although we had to battle against it for first 10 miles, it was with us for the remaining 80! This year the memorable story from the ride was Erica's mechanical issue (see the picture above). Approximately, 72 miles into the ride we had to stop because Erica got a bug in her helmet, not knowing whether it was a bee the helmet had to come off! Erica got the bug out of her helmet and we were about to start on our way when SNAP her rear derailer broke! Erica's ride came to an end and my mom was phoned to come pick her up. My mom and Erica headed to the local tavern, while Cindy and I continued to ride. Along the way, Cindy and I met up with Erica and my mom for a quick Diet Coke and then finished the remaining 5 miles. Overall the ride time was about 5 hours.

The next morning we packed up our things early, as we all had things to do back in the cities that day. Margarita and I had Twins tickets compliments from her future employer (Sports and Ortho). Even though I'm not a huge baseball fan, I wasn't willing to pass up the chance to see the new stadium and the suites that they had reserved! We hung out with her future co-workers (and who knows could be mine someday as well:)), who all seem awesome!

Sunday, was my last long run! Cindy was racing the 13.1 along River Road and Lake Nokomis that day. I wanted to get a chance to cheer on Cindy, Mark, and their brother in law so I ran the route backward until I met up with them which worked well! I felt awesome on the run! This was probably the best run I have had all training season!

Monday, I ran with run club and ended up doing 5.25 miles.

Tuesday, I swam early in the morning at Lifetime. I had a fantastic swim! Yay!

Wednesday, I biked along River Road for a total of 50 minutes and then did an open water swim at Lake Nokomis.

It is amazing how fast you can turn a corner in training! I am feeling much confident in my swimming and running, which has seemed to be ongoing issues for me all season long! I'm glad that things are starting to come together now as there isn't much more I can do before the big day in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of big days! Today, a group of my training buddies and close friends have made their way to Louisville, KY for their Ironman event on Sunday. I'm so excited for them as all of them are going to do awesome! I do have to admit that I'm a bit jealous that I'm not there with them! I can't wait however, watch them online on Sunday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow! Only 24 days until Ironman!!!! This week is my last ha-rah of long training hours as next week I enter into the taper part of my training. This time of my training forward a bunch of crazy thoughts like I haven't done enough, I don't know the course well enough, my nutrition is all wrong....and the list goes on. Taper is bitter sweet-exciting in the sense that the race is so close and nerve racking as well.

Wednesday will be my last day at Discover Strength (Personal Trainers) before my big day! It will be fun to hear the guys last words of wisdom!

On Friday, will be my last long ride of the training season! Just like the past couple of years, I will be doing my annual cabin ride with Cindy and Erica. The ride is right under 90 miles long and the course is flat until the last 15 miles where we hit some rollers. Each year the cabin ride is an adventure! The first year (2008), I had talked Cindy and Jen R. into riding with me even though they were not training for Ironman! We has a few misshaps with taking a few wrong turns and me getting a flat tire-during that ride I learned that I could change a tire in less than 7 minutes!!!!

Last year (2009), Cindy and I completed the ride in record time! We cut off about 2 hours!!!! For the most part the ride was pretty uneventful! We made all the right turns and there was no bonking! Along the way we did make a short pit stop, when a guy met up with us who had been chasing us for several miles! Then hen when finally making it to the cabin, our fan club was there to greet us (some of the old people in the resort were waiting for us since my parents had mentioned it that we were riding our bikes to the cabin from my house).

I'm excited to see what our 2010 adventure will bring!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm floating again! The last time I had a chance to update my blog was when I floated too.

It's hard to believe that it mid August! Ironman is coming up fast! I have spent the past couple of weeks traveling back and forth to Madison for training. I'm feeling much confident with my training and tackling the ironman course on September 12th. I now have had the chance to ride the full ironman course twice, increased my running, and swimming. I spent the past weekend in Madison training with Cindy where we had our share of ups and downs!

Thursday, I competed in my first Aquathon which consisted of a 1000 meter swim in Warner Lake and a 5k to follow. Upon pulling up to the race site, Cindy and I noticed the incredibly large waves out in the lake which led to the first great debate of the weekend-should we do the race or should we watch. Cindy made the call since she took the day off work and we drove to Madison a day specifically for the race-we were going to do the race! So even though I was totally intimated, I got registered and set up in the transition area. I started in the way back of the pack since I figured the field of athletes were really strong swimmers. Once the gun went off and the pack took off, I passed a few people but didn't struggle too much to find a clear pathway for me to swim. As stated earlier, the water was really wavy-not white cap wavy but big deep waves and because I was wearing my wetsuit I was up and down to the point that it was hard to spot the buoys. Once I finished the swim portion I was relieved to be out the water and eager to start the run. I didn't push too hard on either portion of the race since I knew that I had a big training weekend ahead of me. The run went pretty smooth. I passed a few people on the run even though I wasn't pushing myself too hard. My time was not stellar by any means, but had a great time! I would love it if we has an Aquathon series in Minneapolis!

Friday, Cindy and I headed to Devil's Lake for a beach to beach swim-the beaches are located across the lake from each other. the swim went pretty well. I felt pretty strong in the water, much stronger than the last time I swam at Devil's Lake. Following the swim Cindy and I ate some lunch and then went for a run/hike.

Saturday, was the biggest training of the weekend. Cindy and I left Monona Terrace early to get started on the 112 mile bike ride of the Ironman course. On the way out to the loop we ran into a group of riders that were there from Minneapolis as well. We had a quick chat with the group at Fireman's Park and then met up with a friend who was going to ride a loop with us. As we entered the loop of the bike course we took a right onto Valley Rd-which was a complete gravel pit! The township of Verona decided to lay rock down the day before. Trying to prevent ourselves from falling we started on the road really slow-but it didn't take long for the first mishap of the bike ride. Cindy got a rock stuck in her chain causing the bike to lock up and her to tumble to the ground. Luckily a group of guys were behind us and helped get Cindy's bike working enough to make it to a bike store along the route. Once we hit the bike store in Cross Plains, Cindy got her bike fixed completely and we loaded up on the freebie treats that were left out for the riders that day. We made it through the rest of the first loop without anymore glitches. At the end of the first loop we looked over a map to find an alternate route to get around the road with the rocks as we didn't want to risk falling or messing up ours bikes again. As I started the second loop, I was starting to feel a lack of energy and crabbiness coming on. I needed some more fuel and the sweet crap was not cutting it, so we stopped in Mount Horeb and I consumed a bag of potato chips and a can of coke. After the refueling I felt a ton better! During the second loop it was pretty uneventful except for the fact that we fought gale force winds.

Once we returned to Monona Terrrace we grabbed a bite to eat with Jake and his friend on State St. Then returned back to the hotel, had a beer and went to bed since Sunday was going to be another longer training session.

Sunday, I woke up pretty early, well I guess it wasn't that early but it was really dark since storms had rolled in. Not knowing how long the storms were going to last Cindy and I packed up our stuff, checked out of the hotel, and made our way into Madison for the run. We started the run off in the rain, but the skies quickly cleared up and the sun came out making it pretty steamy outside. In our lack off preparedness neither Cindy or I printed up a map of the run route which made for an interesting run! We added and deleted streets in hopes that we would get to the places that we needed to be. We took the run pretty easy which was good considering my legs were tight from the previous days workouts. We ended up getting in a total of 13 miles. After the run we grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to the cities.

On the way back, we ended up running head on into some really strong storms outside of Riverfalls causing us to pull off the interstate for about 30 minutes. We sat in a parking lot since there were not any buildings close by to take cover. Cindy and I kept dialing into the weather radars on our phones to watch where the thunderstorm was going. I later had heard that the winds were blowing 60 mph, which explained why the small trees were bent in half! Once the storm let up we got back on the interstate and hoped that we would bypass the rest of the storms coming through.

Overall we lucked out with the weather and completed all the training that we wanted to get in!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Race Report-Chisago Lakes

A week ago Monday, I got out and rode the Chisago Lakes long course with Cindy since I needed to get in my missed long bike ride and run on Sunday. My legs felt crappy and not too far into the bike course (I think about 10 miles), I just yelled out "I hate this course!" The fact is that I struggle on flat courses! I feel that I cannot find the "right" gear-one is too easy and the next one is too hard. Along with gearing not being as comfortable as liked I focused in on every little thing that made me unhappy about biking. A while back I started having some problems with my seat chafing, being uncofortable, etc, so my seat became the focus of my biking problem of the day. I got off my bike numerous times to adjust the seat a million times-I though Cindy was going to leave me behind:) Anyways, I waited for the hills to come (which is about 20 miles into the ride) and then I started to feel okay with the course. I need to work on riding some flat courses because the constant spinning wears on the legs. I followed up my workouts with a strength session at Discover Strength and a 4 mile run with run club.

For the rest of the week, I really took it easy!
Tuesday, I swam at Lifetime and ran 2.5 miles.
Wednesday, I rested.
Thursday, I biked 45 minutes and ran 30 minutes at Lake of the Isles with P2.
Friday, I rested
Saturday, I biked 45 miles and swam 15 minutes at the race site.

Race Report:
The morning started early with a 3:45 am wake-up. I quickly fed the dogs (I was watching my parents dog too), took them for a quick walk, and then packed up the car with my race gear before heading to the gas station to fill up my car and grab some gatorade. While at the gas station two men came in raiding the place for food and just being obnoxious-talking about that they need to ride really slow on the way back because they needed to drink their waterbottles, wink wink...........these guys were still up from partying all night!

I ended up making it to the race site at about 5:20 and was surprised by the number of people already there, especially since there were assigned spots on the racks. I wasn't looking forward to racing Chisago, which is probably more related to the feeling that I needed to do well since I had raced crappy this year so far. As I made my way to my assigned spot I was greeted by a ton of people that I know-its really nice to see so many familiar faces at races! The transtion area before the races has now become a big social event!

The swim: Last year the swim was extremely short! This year it was much longer and maybe even long for a 1/2 iron distance course. I was positioned in the 3rd wave based off of when I registered. The waves were mixed men and women, which sometimes can be rough as the men push you around a bit. I borrowed Cindy's sleeveless wetsuit since, I always feel so restricted in my long sleeve. I thought by going sleeveless will allow for less arm fatigue and better stroke effiency.

As I dove into the water when the wave started, I got kicked in the face knocking my left goggle off, making me have to tread water and reposition my goggle back on my eye. I started up the swim trying to stay close to the bouys, which was probably a mistake as I didn't have anyone to draft off of and swimmers from the previous heats kept crossing over the center causing me to get hit a couple of times. The swim was difficult for me-I don't know if it was related to the wetsuit or lack of swim training but man it was hard! As I rounded the corner and was heading back into shore a man crossed over the center and hit me head on! Nailed me!!!!! Shortly after than I started to feel naseau and then vomited twice. I finished the swim, hit the wetsuit strippers, and ran to my transition spot to get my bike. As I approached my spot two guys were there waiting for their relay mate, they asked me how the swim went-I responded with I puked twice probably not a good sign huh. They were so sweet! They gave me a little pep talk about that I would feel better once I got on the bike and that I was going to do sweet!

The bike: As explained ealier, the bike course is really flat for about the first 20 miles, then gets a bit rolly, and finishes up flat. In training for Madison, I train on so many hills that flat courses are really hard for me. I started off the bike at a pretty good pace (I believe somewhere in the 20's) but couldn't hold it for long since my right thigh was really cramped up. I tried to massage the tightness as I pedeled but it really didn't help that much. About ten miles into the course the bike route splits with the long course going to the left and the short course going to the right. Shortly, after the split Jake came flying by me, I tried to pick up my pace a bit but couldn't hold it. I thought to myself that I will catch him on the hilly part where most of people struggled on the course. As I biked longer, I continued to dry heave. I finally started to vomit after the hilly part, but right in front of a camera man! I tried to hurry up and get it done before the camera man started taking pictures. With about 15 miles left of the bike, I had made the decision that I was going to take the DNF as everything was hurting, I had been puking/dry heaving for several hours, and I was totally spent!

I finally made it back to the transition area and the relay guys were waiting for their teammate to come in from the bike. They asked how the bike went and if I was feeling better. I told them that I was done and that the puking hadn't stopped. They again gave a pep talk as I stood with my head between my legs in the transition area. I put on my running shoes as I had NO energy to find my flip flops. I walked my way out of the transition area and started to jog slowly to see if it would trigger me to vomit again. I thought to myself that if I end up vomitting within the first mile I would turn around. I did end up dry heaving a couple time during the first couple of miles causing me to walk. Christina's boyfriend saw me on the route, pulled over to the side of the road in his car and offered me a ride back to the start, but I waved him off since I was now determined to finish the race (he first had me mixed up with Christina because of the uniform, but shortly realized it was me instead). As the run continued on the my nausea started to get better. I took a little gatorade and some candy at a waterstop located 6 miles into the run. The candy was a lifesaver!!!! I love tootsie rolls!!!! I started feeling stronger and stonger as the run continued and ended up meeting up with Jake. I ran with Jake for a few miles and then finished up on my own.

Time: 5:52
The slowest swim I have ever had in a race!
Bike was close one of my fastest on a long course bike split! What?!
Run was pretty close to other 1/2 marathons in my long course events! Again what?! Even with all the walking!

Even though I had hoped for a better race, I made it and that is all that matters:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am feeling a little less fatigued making my workouts over the past couple of days much more enjoyable! Since last weekend I have really focused on getting enough rest-something that I haven't focused on in at least the past four years!

Wednesday, it was miserable, disgusting, swampy gross weather! When watching the news that night the weatherman stated it felt like 106 degrees-the hottest in 5 years! Along with heat was the unpredictability in the storm radar! So not wanting to chance getting caught in some severe weather I ended up biking inside for a hour and then following my workout up with a 75 minute swim. I felt strong! Yay! A guy in the lane next to even commented on my strong swimming!

Thursday, I met Kouba for the double combo. The double combo consist of a 45 minute tempo with 15 minute run at race pace (yeah you were thinking the double combo was some fast food dinner!) I felt great! Woohoo back in the swing of things! The first temp ride ended up being a little longer than expected so we made the second one a bit shorter but all in all we got in the time. This was probably the best run that I have had in weeks! Following the workout Kouba and I spent some time out on the boat relaxing before Irondaddy's big send off party for Lake Placid.

Today, I met Carla for a ride at the Dam. She had asked for some advice on biking. We ended up riding for two hours and I got a chance to share what I have learned over the past couple of years throughout my training for Ironman. Following the bike ride, I headed out for a 10 mile run. The run went pretty well even though it was really hot! My right calf was a bit crampy in the beginning but loosen up about 3 miles into the run. Towards the end of the run my legs did become a bit stiff and heavy, probably related to being depleted of electrolytes. I do have a funny story though.........during the run a woman stopped me and asked me why I was out running. I responded with "why." She the stated that I shouldn't be out running because it was 91 degrees and I should be taking it easy! I told her I was taking it easy so she didn't continue to jump down my mom once told me when I was little that the heat brings out the crazy people-I think that she was right:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time goes by so fast! I can't believe Ironman Wisconsin is only 60 days away!!!!! My training has been coming along except for the little bit of fatigue that I have felt over the past couple of days. I was hoping that I would get caught up on R & R over past week since I was off of work for seven days. My vacation ended up being quite a bit more eventful than expected. Monday (July 5th), I had my typical strength session scheduled at Discover Strength, which turned into a less than typical session when a man that was working out on the machine next to me became unconscious and gasping for air. We called 911 immediately and my emergent medical skills were quickly administered. I later found out that the man had a stroke and that if I wouldn't had been there to help him, he would had died! The man is doing well and is continously making progress! Thank god!

Tuesday I left for a quick trip to North Dakota (I will explain the reason for the trip at another time). Anyways returned back to the cities on Thursday evening after a long eight and a half hour drive.

Friday, I spent the day running around getting ready to race Lifetime on Saturday.

Saturday turned into an interesting day as I race both the short course relay and the short course individual triathlon. When I decided to sign up for the short individual, I explained to race director my plan to race the relay and the sprint course and he was fine with it. Well, I messed up the race results since according to the people that work for the timing chip company, their system cannot support a person doing two races.........what? I was like what if you have two people with the same name racing........doesn't make any sense! Anyways, when it came to the award ceronmy they had announce me getting 3rd place but once they got all the results worked out I ended up with 2nd you think that they will send me my 2nd place trophy? Overall the race went pretty well. When comparing my results to the last time that I had race Lifetime my time was about a minute faster this year.

Sunday, I met Margarita for a ride on the Chisago Lakes course. I had intended on doing 112 however I was so exhausted from the weeks festivities that I only ended up getting in 62 miles.

I spent the past couple day trying to get caught up on my rest so that I can continue to train for ironman effectively.

Monday, I got in a short swim at Lifetime and then headed to Discover Strength for my strength session with Mo. I then ended my day with 5.25 mile run with Run Club.

Tuesday, still feeling fatigued (or Margarita would put it "bonked"). I just did an easy 75 minute run with P2.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well my triathlon season has officially started.....well lets say it started a month ago. I still am finding myself pulled in a million directions making it hard to get everything done! I have been happy with the consistency of my training since school has been out! Yeah! Since I did have to take so much time off during the spring, I have found myself struggling a little more with each workout but its coming along. I can at least that I'm feeling slightly ahead in my biking when comparing my last couple of years of training for Ironman. I have completed a 72 mile killer ride in Riverfalls, 76 mile ride in Stillwater, and have been out to Madison twice to ride. I really need to start focusing on my swim and run though!

As for my racing:
Over Memorial weekend, I ran the Madison half marathon. I was a little disappointed with my less than stellar performance. I haven't ran over a two hour half since 2007-just a little frustrated!:( Not that I have any excuses but the day was really hot (where they shut the course down early due to the heat) and we had rode the loop the day prior to the race.

Liberty 1/2 was mid June and again, I had a less than stellar performance there as well:( Liberty was the extreme opposite in weather from the Madison half-cold, wet, and windy. I had a really hard time warming up! My legs felt like logs on the bike and I shivered throughout the run. Can you wear your wetsuit for a whole triathlon? The swim was the best part except that it was measured a bit long, so I had a disappointing swim time (along with everyone else). The one good thing that came out of the day was knowing that I have mental strength to get myself through a long race day in crappy weather like that.

My next race will be Lifetime. I am signed up for the corporate challenge relay racing for Optum Health (I'm doing the swim) and then I will be racing the sprint course. I'm looking forward to Lifetime since its such a great event! I can't wait to see all the pro's!

What else....
I do have some exciting news! I along with 30+ of my friends/training partners will be heading to Coeur D'Alene Idaho next June to race Ironman! I need to start practicing in the cold! Check out this article:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's coming along

Since school has been finished I still have found plenty to keep myself busy! Over the past week, my P2 peeps spent several days in Colorado training-I didn't go since I was hoping to get some study done for my upcoming boards exam. Needless to say, I didn't get any studying in nor did I get anything accomplished around the house either! I did however get in most of my training for the week-the only training missed was due to the lack of cooperation from mother nature. Speaking of bad weather....Saturday brought back memories of the training trip that was planned last August in Madison. Saturday, I had a planned workout of a 2.5 hour run and a 2 hour bike on the Liberty course. The plan was that I was going to do the run by myself, prior to biking and then Cindy and Mark were going to meet me for the bike on the Liberty course. I ended up only getting in a 40 minute run

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SO So Sore!

Since school has been completed my biggest priority has been to get all my training in or at least as much as time allows for me to get in. With my last semester's interference, my training was less than consistent. This week I have been trying hard to get caught up and stay consistent with my training.

Monday, I missed my swim and bike but still managed to have a killer workout! Killer in the sense that I was killing myself with boredom from the run on the dreadmill and then a workout that was worth killing myself for at Discover Strength. Since the weather has been a little less willing to cooperate with my training(who does mother nature think she is)I didn't get in my bike workout that I was trying to make up from last Saturday. I ended up running for a hour on the treadmill. I also ran out time to get my scheduled swim in for Monday's workout as well.

On the 23rd, I had my baby into the bike doctor for her yearly check up and change out in her chain. When I picked up my bike Aaron had mentioned to me that my bottom bracket was starting to wear out but everything else was looking great. I excited to ride, took her to P2 practice on Thursday (a hill bike workout). The workout was hard-hard like I was riding in the hardest gear the entire workout, plus my chain was rubbing a bit. I struggled through the workout! I was frustrated with myself and my workout that day. Monday, I bought my bike back to County Cycle to have the rubbing checked out and mentioned how hard the Thursday workout had been. Well it turns out that my bottom bracket was extremely worn out and needed to be replaced, which hopefully was the culprit for my biking being so difficult.

Following my run I made my return to Discover Strength for my first strength workout since the beginning of the semester. Even though the workouts are horribly hard, I was excited to get back into the routine of doing strength training and hanging out with my personal trainer buddies over at DS. I was scheduled with Luke but got the royal treatment from Greg, Luke and Dan. I started off the session by telling Luke that I hadn't been there in a while and he stated that he was well aware and that they would be easy on me (yeah right-they don't know what going easy is). Needless to say, I left the appointment shakey for hours to follow and sore to the point that my arms cannot be lifted along with screams of soreness everytime I sit down.

Tuesday, on the training for the day was a 90 minute hill run with an optional bike. Since it was my turn to lead run club, I ended up doing a hour of hills by myself and then finished my workout up with an easy 30 minute run with run club. The run was hard, but I felt that it wasn't as bad as the previous Tuesday run, which was done in the same location except for the fact that I still cannot move my arms because they are sssssoooooo sore!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A weekend of celebration

School is officially done!!!! Or at least this graduate program is I do have plans to continue maybe as soon as fall semester. I know-I'm a glutten for punishment! It has been a busy but important weekend with my graduate school graduation and Ethan's Baptism/Owen's welcoming ceremony.

Saturday, started early with my alarm set for 3:45 am so that I get dressed in my graduation apparel and on the road to Mankato by 6:00 am for my graduation ceremonies. The first of the ceremonies in Mankato was my hooding by my advisor. The second ceremony of the day was the actual graduation. Following the ceremonies, we took a few pictures and then headed back to the cities. On the way back we stopped and had dinner with Joel and Amy at El Loro. Then that night I did a little celebrating with Maragarita and Rob.

Sunday was Owen and Ethan's big day! Ethan was baptized and Owen was welcomed into the church. The kids did awesome, however you could tell that Owen was a bit nervous for the days event. I am a proud god momma of Ethan! We followed up the kids celebration day with brunch at the Christenson house.

On to my training:
I have had a pretty good week of training! Or at least consistent week of training:) Following my finals, I have had some time to concentrate on training. Although, I looked forward to every workout, each one kicked my butt! It was one tough week of workouts! Tuesday was hills-90 minutes of running hills! Wednesday, I spent two hours on the trainer since it was really cold and yucky outside. Thursday, again it was a hill day, but on the bike. We spent 2 hours doing hill repeats. Friday, I ran out of time. Saturday, no workout since I was gone the day in Mankato.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Praying for lightening

Yes yes again its been a while since my last blog post. I now have the time update my blog on a regular basis since my semester is done! For the past 3 months school has monopolized my time not leaving little time for workouts with P2 or workouts period. In fact last week I didn't get any workouts the entire week! I have constant anxiety producing thoughts as I think about my upcoming race schedule! In less than a month I have the Madison 1/2 marathon coming up and I haven't ran more than a hour and a half since I don't know when.

This week I have entered into the training phase that focuses on Ironman-WOW where has the time gone? Along with the coming of this new phase comes the initense hill workouts and speed sessions along with a million hours in the saddle. As stated previously, I haven't done much for consistent workouts for quite some time, which made me extremely worried about tonights workout. This past Sunday coach had mentioned that Tuesday's practice (today) is going to consist of hill repeats in St. Paul-Not good! I haven't done any hill running since XP2 (fall) except for the over pass (the only hill in Anoka County), which is an ant hill compared to the hills in St. Paul.

The workout went as expected-CRAPPY!!!!! I felt horrible! My legs felt like Lincoln logs and started cramping about 30 minutes into the run making it hard to keep up (harder to keep up I should say since the team runs about the speed of light). Oh, I forgot to mention that we were battling gail force winds too! The workout was 90 minutes of hill repeats and about halfway through I started praying for lightening (since lightening is a good excuse to stop a workout) so I could remove myself from the hell that my coach was putting us through. My prayers were not answered and I did end up making it through the workout and even though it sucked I'm glad I did it (funny how that works).

Yesterday, I got in the pool for the first time in 3 weeks and actually felt great! My stroke felt smooth and really was effotless-the man in the lane next to me actually made the comment that I had a nice stroke! My swim was short only a half hour, but that was all time allowed for since I had to catch some ZZZZ's before heading into work.

Tomorrow I have an easy two hour bike on my schedule. I now praying for warm weather and less wind!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why is it that you never complete all that you need to or at least intend to? This weekend I was hoping to get all my assignments completed as the semesters end is approaching quickly and my weeks have maintained at busy! I did get a few things done and hope get in a few hours before I dive into the next big project due this week.

Over the weekend, I did however get in some much needed training! (Stress reliever!) Saturday, I led run club and ended up getting in a 2 hour run and then finished the day up with a 2 hour bike.

Sunday, I started my day off with swim practice with P2 and then headed to Riverfalls for a HARD bike ride! I'm happy to have accomplished the ride since I believe the course is harder than Madison!

Monday, April 5, 2010

And to....start another busy week!

I just got back from Mankato-let me see maybe only eight more trips..........
I'm ready to start another crazy busy week with many many hours of clinical and work and hopefully some training. To help ease the number of sleepless hours this week, I put a call into work to hopefully be canceled-cross your fingers. If I don't get canceled I will start another several day stretch without any sleep!

So on the docket for the week, I have work, work, clinical, clinical, clinical, a trip to Mankato, and work, work, work.....and hopefully some training!!!! I at least heard the weather isn't going to be very nice this week:)

As for training, I spent some time training with my peeps over at P2 on Saturday- 2 hour indoor bike alternating 10 minutes standing with 10 minutes sitting. We then headed down to Hyland hills for a 1.5 hour run on the trail mix course.

Sunday, I ended up riding for 1.5 hours outside. I intended on running but started having some soreness in my ankle (where I was injured after Ironman). I opted to skip the run and take Shad for a walk-she was obnoxious! Her behavior would be somewhat acceptable if she were a puppy but she is 12 years old!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And the sleepless nights and days continue....

I have been working around the clock (literally!) trying to get caught up! I am now going on over 48 hours of no sleep (okay I lied I did take a 40 minute nap) and still have more work than can be fit in the remaining hours of the day! If this semester doesn't kill me, nothing will! Anyways, on the docket for the week.....
Monday: Clinical in the AM, class in Mankato, work -missed my workout:(
Tuesday: Clinical straight from work until 3:30, work on thesis defense presentation, and finish project due Wed, work-missed workout:(
Wednesday: Class in Mankato, Class in Edina (project due), Finish papers for CNS and Leadership (Due last week)-Miss workout:(
Thursday: THESIS DEFENSE!!!!! Finish weekly homework, work-possibly get in a workout!
Friday: CNS Conference straight from work, Finish homework and-get in a short workout, go into work!!!!
Saturday: workout & work-Homework????
Sunday: Workout & work-Homework????

I'm FRUSTRATED by my over busy school schedule and my lack of being able to train!

How many days until May 8th? And by the way I work that day too!

So in the midst of juggling this crazy schedule, I have been contacted by a couple of recruiters for Clinical Nurse Specialist jobs. I'm looking forward to getting out and interviewing for these new positions!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Big news! I finished my thesis!!!! I have spent my time for the past couple of weeks working around the clock on my thesis, other school work, and clinical completing hours plus work my full time job so......literally working around the clock!. I have followed the pattern of work to exhaustion sleep for one hour work until exhaustion sleep for one hour work my shift at work sleep one hour-okay you get the point. All I can say is that I have only 57 days of grad school left!!!!!

To add to the craziness in my like I have started my job hunt. I applied for a different position at Gillette and on Monday I had brief informal telephone meeting with the manager of the telemedicine department for an Educational Specialist position. Next Tuesday I will be officially interview for the position-the process is long! I first will be interviewing with the Manager of the units that I will possibly be working with. Then I head to a panel interview and to finish the process I interview with HR-It's going to be long day!!!! The position sounds like a great opportunity for utilize my skills that I that learned my graduate program.

My training hours were very compromised over the past week-I only ended up getting in a couple of workout in last week. This week, I am back on track with my training, however since I took so many days off last week I'm super sore today!

Tuesday: Ran 9.5 miles. Run 15 minutes of stairs and 10 minutes of running the ramps at the Children's Museum
Wednesday: 2 hour biking (7 x 15 minute intervals in each gear), Ran 30 minutes (15 minutes of stairs)

Today the plan is to attend P2

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay, my life continues to be busy-you probably guess since I haven't updated my blog in yet another week. Where to life has been crazy busy and of course not uneventful. All I can say if that I CAN'T wait until this semester is done! I want to live a life of normalcy; I want to have some spare time and less craziness!

Prior to this semester starting I was talking with a co-worker of mine about my having to drive to Mankato twice a week for my last semester. I had said its not going to be a big deal since winter was coming to a close. Haha.......what was that the groundhog always sees his shadow in Minnesota. Monday I spent 6 hours on the road for a 1 hour class! I think that I was being a little optimistic regarding the closure of winter. BUT that 's fine because my current crazy schedule doesn't allow for me to be doing any outside warm weather training right now anyways. So I still lack my payment of financial aid, running from place to place, having the stomach flu, and my bank accounts being hacked into-I had a great week:)

Since we are starting our second month of Ironman training (now being 4 weeks in) I get a rejuv week. The timing of this rejuv week couldn't have been better.

Monday, I did my personal training session and workout with discover strength. I skipped the optional swim or bike.

Tuesday, I did a hour run with my friend Corrine

Wednesday, I skipped my workout

Thurday, I again skipped my workout

Friday, I ran for a hour.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Man, it has been a while since my last post. BUSY is the word to explain for my delayed posting! What else is new huh!

Just to give you an update regarding my nephew since my last posting. Ethan was officially diagnosed with Downs. Although the diagnosis of Downs, he is healthy-Thank God! Ethan's heart, respiratory, and GI examinations and tests have all come back normal! In addition to the tests and exams, Ethan has been eating great and doesn't have to have P.E. tubes placed (common for most Downs babies).

So what have I been up too since my last posting?

School started back in session mid January. I was anticipating a pretty uneventful and fairly light load for my last semester of grad school at Mankato. About mid January, as I was filling out my graduation application when it was brought to my attention that a course that I had taken at St. Cloud State wouldn't transfer-AAAAHHHH! Since this was brought to my attention after the registration window was closed, I spent a good amount time panicking and begging professors to grant me late registration. I luckily found one professor to take pity on me and allow me to start class late but the class brings me to Mankato twice a week!

As I work towards graduation, I have been working on my thesis and playing the games with IRB committee at Mankato. Today I submitted my documents again after updating the documents previously submitted. Cross your fingers that they approve it this time!

Of course since nothing is simple and the game of jumping through hoops continues. I was notified this week that there was a hold put on my financial aid because I have taken too many credits-AAAAGGGHHHH again! I ended up having to write an appeal to have my financial aid reinstated and I will find out the results in 10-14 days-Again cross your fingers again! The funny thing though is that I got an email this week reminding me to fill out my financial aid for next year!? What?

Anyways between running between classes and clinical, I have found a little time to continue my training over the past couple of days. Yes-I have started 2010 Ironman training again! I again will be training with my coach from the 2009 session and the P2 Peeps.

The training season has started strong with 6 hours of training over this past weekend and a 1-2 hour during the week days. The workouts have been challenging! I love it!

This week:
Monday: I had my personal training session with discover strength which left me pretty sore. It must have been the new exercises. I ended up skipping my bike workout-ran out of time

Tuesday: Ran 1 hour at Lifetime alternating stairs and track. Was 30 minutes short on the run workout and skipped the Xtra credit workout of biking.

Today: Plan to attend bike session at P2

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I posted some pictures of my new little nephew Ethan-what doll! As life continues to prove to not turn out the way it is expected or hoped Ethan was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome based off physical features. Michelle (my sister) struggled through a difficult -high risk pregnancy which led her down a long road of being poked and prodded with test after test to rule out any challenges the baby may face (this was done because of her gestational diabetes and Owen's problems). All tests showed a negative finding for Down's which has left the doctors mystified to how a diagnosis of Down's could have been missed. Since Ethan's birth, he has gone through a multitude of tests that are used to rule out any of the common challenges that a child with Down's faces such as congenital heart defects and respiratory concerns which showed to be negative as well-the doctors again are still mystified! So again we a playing the waiting game to see what the blood tests have to show which will give the definitive diagnosis of Down's-maybe its a misdiagnosis!? Either way it doesn't matter because this perfect little boy is our center and our love:)

Owen quickly picked up on the big brother role by picking on Ethan by poking his head and pulling his hat off. Owen also covered Ethan's face with drool from all the sloppy kisses. Those two boys are going to have a ton a fun through their future years-I'm sure Matt and Michelle will be pulling their hair out by the time the boys hit their teenage years (I'm sure both boys picked up the Andrychowicz can't sit still gene:))

On to another year full of training! What will 2010 bring-hopefully another year of PR's and crazy training adventures! I have maintained my training over the off season with attending as many of the XP2 sessions as my hectic schedule would allow and continued getting big muscles by attending the personal training sessions at Discover Strength. The regular P2 sessions start this week-I can't wait! I look forward to the upcoming training and racing season!

So as with the start of any new year there are resolutions-I prefer New Year goals. Last year I did pretty good as I had the goal to PR at my triathlons and did go under 13 hours at Ironman. I didn't do so well at the eating healthier goal.

2010 Goals:
1. Ironman PR
2. Better organization
3. Healthier eating

I have been off to a good start with my workouts in 2010!
Friday's workout consisted of a 60 minute run (15 minutes track, 5 minutes stairs with med ball, 15 minute track, 5 minutes stairs with med ball, 15 minutes hills on treadmill, 5 minutes stairs with med ball)
Saturday's workout consisted of 60 minute ride (5 minute sit/stand intervals), 15 minute run track, 5 minutes stairs with med ball, 10 minutes track laps consisting of running and lunges, ab's to finish.


Saturday, January 2, 2010