Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still no running.....Day 10

Jen R's M-Dot Tattoo

So still no running due to my ankle-I did attempt for the first time since Oct 1st to wear heals (only for a short period of time and I wasn't on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time), the pain was manageable but still definitely there. As for a workout, I ended up taking the day or should I say I ran out of time to fit one in. Today was a big day for some of my fellow Ironman friends-they got their M-Dot tags! Last year, when I got my tag Jen was their to support me but more importantly be part of the experience so I wanted to do the same for her as well. Jen R., Jen M., and Val all got their M-Dot stamp with a great and one of a kind design. I'm glad that I got a chance to be there to witness the excitement that each one displayed-it kind of brought back the memories of the Ironman Madison experience.

Following my time with the TCMC girls, I met up with Leann, Corrine, Cindy, Jen (a different one), and Erica for some girl chat and bingo at Majors. I ended up winning two games to total $132 WHOO HOOO! After bingo we headed over to Bella for ladies night-I promised to buy a round of drinks with my winnings (drinks are only 1 cent a piece so it didn't cost much!).

Still no running....Day 9

Today I attended another XP2 session where we met at the Pit and biked on the trainer for a hour-we did a workout of ups and downs or standing and sitting. The workout was intended to be easy since most of us are still recovering from our race season. Following the biking the group went out for a run through the skyways in St. Paul-I stayed back and biked. I become a little sad that I haven't been able to run especially with the groups on the runs through the skyways. I still have a week and a half before I see Pete my PT so that he can assess my ankle. My ankle is slowly starting to feel better-I can make it about 6 hours into my work shift before it starts to ache, however there are times I twist or move it wrong and it sends a jolt of pain through my leg. I at least wasn't left alone since Margarita was doing some tempo stuff on the treadmill-it was fun to catch up a bit with her since she just got back from Hawaii. She did bring me back a super cool water bottle from Ironman worlds!!!!!

Yesterday, I another personal training session at Discover Strength. Man, what a killer session! Here I thought that we would get a recovery session before starting hard again since we just ran a marathon-I spose it was 8 days ago. The trainers were having fun watching Cindy and I suffer through our workout yesterday!!! I tried to tell them that I had become a lazy ass since I was injured-they laughed at me and told me that they didn't care and to work harder. I did get out of the tibial strength machine but only because it was really painful in my injured area. It didn't help that prior to me going to my personal training session, I did some time on the stepmill holding a medicine ball-I just confirmed the thoughts of me being crazy by my personal trainers.