Monday, October 12, 2009

Still no running....Day 8

Okay, I'm about to jump out of my skin! I'm sad that I still can't run! The pain in my ankle has decreased for the most part however after about 6 hours into a work it starts to get sore. I have been good though, still sticking to my PT's order of NO Running. I'm just hoping that Pete will give me the okay to start running again when I see him on the 23rd-cross your fingers!

Sunday, I attended the XP2 session which mostly consisted of riding hills-man it was cold! We did hill repeats on Ohio St and the High bridge in St. Paul. I feel completely out of shape! After riding, the group went out for a short run as I waited in the Pit for their return and our core workout. I discovered I need a lot of work in my core area!

Today, I have another session with personal trainers at Discover strength-I can only imagine what hellish workout they have in store for us today!