Friday, October 9, 2009

Still no running

I have been really good about "following the rules" okay the orders from my physical therapist. Yesterday XP2 started (a 10 week crosstraining plan design by my coach) and I couldn't run! I had emailed by coach earlier-finally getting the courage to tell him that I was injured. Coach reassured me that the XP2 sessions would be beneficial even if I couldn't run being that there is a lot different activities that I can join into plus there are a couple of teammates still training for their Ironman races and needing long bike sessions. Yesterday, I did pop down to The Pit to say hi to my teammates and briefly talk with coach then made my way to Lifetime so that I could get a much needed workout in. I ended up doing the crosstrainer for a hour and then some core work with the medicine ball. Man, I forgot how boring the crosstrainer is-I wanted to shoot myself in the head after about 5 minutes however it did feel good to get a workout in since I haven't done anything since TCM and I was starting to feel like a complete LARD ASS!

Wednesday was the big day! The big day of getting my tat done! I was excited to see the design that Ben had drawn up for me-especially since I was super particular about the design not being too big or too colorful or too masculine or too ect..... Anyways the design turned out awesome! Cindy met me at the tat place to give moral support and take pictures.