Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lingering Aches and Pains

I have had some lingering pain on the anterior portion of my left ankle that started during the bike Ironman day. Being it has been almost two weeks since Ironman and the pain continues to linger, I decided to get it checked out since I do have Twin Cities coming up next weekend. The x-ray was negative of any fracture or at least major fracture since a x-ray most often won't pick up a stress fracture. The orthopedist was confident that there wasn't a stress fracture (good news) but was a worried by the amount of "crunchiness" with every movement of the ankle warranting the need to get physical therapy-in fact made me start that day! During the physical therapy session Pete the therapist worked out some of the tightness in both the anterior and posterior tibial tendons. He did however have some concern that I have two spots on my tibia that could turn into stress fractures-so I'm not totally in the clear. I have been ordered to attend four sessions of PT prior to Twin Cities, ice, stretch, massage, and NO RUNNING until the marathon:( I was however given the okay to some cross-training. I was given the okay to run the marathon with the agreement that if the pain increased I would drop out-increased pain could indicate a ruptured tibial tendon or stress fracture.

So sticking to Dr. Jone's and Pete's recommendation, I have been taking it EASY! In fact, I haven't done any workout since since Wednesday run other than the exercises prescribed.

Onto BIGGER and much more interesting topics such as M-Dot's. Today, Cindy's right calf got decorated with a badge of honor-A M-DOT! I just got my M-Dot outlined and will be finishing my design on the 7th.