Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Big Fat Slug!

I'm feeling like a slug! Over the past couple of days since the big ironman event the intensity and motivation to workout has been down. I feel as though I should be doing more but have constantly told that I need the rest.

Yesterday, I did get into the pool and swam about a little over a mile at an extremely easy pace. My shoulder was a bit sore for the first time in weeks, although it stinks I'm glad that Ironman is done. Following my swim I met Cindy for another session with the trainers at Discover Strength. The workout with trainers was hard as the trainers added weight to all the exercises-I wanted to cry at times and yell out "don't you know that I just did an Ironman a week ago" but I knew that they would laugh at me and tell me to suck it up. Cindy in fact told Ryan that he wasn't a nice person, which was pretty funny.

Today, I didn't end getting in a workout being I made multiple trips to and from Gillette.