Monday, August 31, 2009

Taper officially started

I have feeling of little sadness today- sadness that I didn't spend my day yesterday biking through the counrtyside of Kentucky and running through fourth street live. A year ago today, I was competing in my 1st Ironman in Louisville, KY and it was 95 degrees and windy! How different from today although the weather conditions last were a little less than ideal-there is something that challenge that I had welcomed! Ironman Louisville took place yesterday in which I actively watched (I was on the website starting at 6 am-hoping to see some early race coverage of the event and excited to follow some of my friends as they race the course). The weather in Louisville yesterday was awesome-I believe the high was 74 degrees and wind free; I can only hope that we will have similar weather in Madison in TWO weeks!

My coach sent out an email a couple of weeks ago explaining the plan for the next month, he also included some advice and expected feelings over the next couple weeks. Coach talked about the emotional roller coaster that will take place throughout taper-the feelings of blah-ness mixed with feelings of excitement that are so intense that your ready to jump out of skin. I have been feeling pretty blah over the past couple of days, I think partly related to the fact that I wasn't in Louisville, partly that I want to keep up with the intensity of daily training, and partly knowing that craziness of everything else in my life have started up in full force again (work, meetings, and school).

Saturday, I met Cindy for a swim and bike ride on the Liberty course. It was a bit chilly and very windy which helped us make the decision not to do an open water swim that day. As explained earlier, I was feeling a bit blah which made it easy to take it really easy on the bike ride. Cindy and I just tooled around on the course, although our average speed wasn't all that slow, the ride was really relaxing. We took in the scenery and I fantazised about living in (I have one picked out in particular) the gorgeous homes along the route and spending the triathlon season training out there. I love that route!

Sunday, I did a 10 mile run and finished up my workout with a hour bike ride around the lakes. I had stopped at Hoigaards on my way to the lakes to pick up some warmer weather riding gear as the weather in Madison this time of the year is a mystery. I ended up running into one of my old college roommates at the store which was fun. I have only seen Allie once since I graduated from MSU in 1998-how time flies!

Today was a scheduled day off for me but I had to lead swim club at LIF. I took it really easy on the swim spending most of the time working on form, feeling the water, and drills. I even took some time in the water goofing around which allowed me to remember why I love the water so much-I loose this feeling as my life becomes so hectic and the intensity of the training sets in (swimming becomes the one activity that I just do not want to do).

I can't believe that Madison is only two weeks away! Everyone keeps asking me if I'm ready-I think that I am. The funny thing is that last year at this time, I was battling a multitude of anxiety attacks related to Ironman, this year I'm excited to race and my anxiety is much more controlled-maybe related to my previous experience of completing an Ironman or maybe related to the training that I have done on the course throughout the training season.

Until next time.