Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Several years ago I got involved in triathlon-I believe it was in 2002 when I signed up for the St. Croix Valley triathlon. The triathlon went well except for one little issue. I had just gotten my road bike and triathlon day was not a good day to figure out that I didn't know how to change my gears especially when there is a gigantic hill right in the middle of the bike course. I haven't been out to that course since that day in fear that I would tip over on the hill again. On Monday, my friend Leann and I went out and rode the St. Croix Valley triathlon course. Leann is signed up for the triathlon in September and I wanted to make she was prepared for the hill that did me in on my first triathlon. I didn't have any issue making up the hill and keeping upright on Monday. We finished off the workout with a short swim in the river.

Tuesday, It was my turn to lead Run Club. I ended up getting almost 6 miles.

Today, my intention was to trained with P2, however the severe weather caused practice to be canceled. I headed to LTF for a hour swim. I focused on keeping my stroke smooth and keeping it steady. It was a good swim.