Monday, August 17, 2009

A recovery weekend

This past week was suppose to be a recovery week, however with the lack of cooperation from mother nature my long training days were merged into the normal weeks festivities. I ended up taking Saturday off from training to let my body and mind recover a bit. I met up with my P2 friends to hang out on the St. Croix on Michelle's boat. We had a great time even though the sun decided to stay hidden behind the clouds.

Sunday, I headed out to ride one loop of the Liberty Triathlon course in Medina and then followed it up with a 5 mile run through the trails of Baker Park Reserve. My legs were a bit sluggish on the ride, so I took it really easy to try and loosen them up a bit. I intended on doing a short swim, however it was too windy (the lake had white caps). After my workout for the day, I stopped home and picked up Shadow for a picnic by the river at the Coon Rapids Dam.