Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are weathermen ever correct?

Thursday, I had planned on meeting up with Cindy, Erica, and Travis for a century ride. The plan was to meet at 6 am-Cindy and Erica were going to ride part of the century and Travis was going to do the whole ride. Cindy and Erica made arrangements with their employers to either come in late or have the day off. Well I got up early that morning (4 am) to watch the weather report which according to the weather people didn't look good! It was suppose to start storming by 7 am and then on and off throughout the day. I quickly called around and sent messages that the weather wasn't going to cooperate.

Well 7 am rolled around and guess what it was sunny! After watching the radars for a bit longer, I contacted Travis to see if he still wanted to ride (the others went to work).

I ended up meeting Travis at 9 am we were on our way to Square Lake. We got of course a bit, but ended up making our way to Square Lake. The plan was to ride out to Square Lake, ride one loop of the long course and then make our way back o Blaine. The ride was hard-I was still feeling a bit sluggish from racing last Sunday and plus my nutrition plan was off considering I didn't eat breakfast, which left me trying to make up calories-that doesn't work so well!

We ended up stopping at a little convenience store in Scandia to refill bottles and so I could get a coke. Once we got our way, we ended up missing a turn, sending us a couple miles out before realizing we were going the wrong way; that was when we decided to try to make our way back towards Blaine instead. As headed back we battled a 16 mph head wind with 27 mph wind gusts for approximately 50 miles-I was dead beat by the time I made it home! I ended up getting in 80 miles-that felt like 150!

Interesting, once I got home I weight myself and was down 7 pounds-I think I was a little dry!

Friday, I headed to LTF for a swim. I ended up getting in 3500 yards! I felt pretty strong and only had minimal pain in my shoulder.

Saturday, I again battled the wind for 35 miles of my bike ride. Wind conditions were 21 mph winds with 28 mph wind gusts! The worst part about it was that you never got out of the head wind! I finished my workout with a 6 mile run at the Dam. I ended up running into Leann, had a short chat and then was on my way.

Today, I met up with Jen and Cindy for a long run. We had the plan to do 15 miles, however only ended up doing 13 miles. I felt pretty strong on the run surprisingly-I never feel good running after working the night before. It was nice to see Jen run strong and not battle pain in her calve and Cindy not battling pain in her knee.