Friday, July 17, 2009

And I finally slept!

This week has been crazy! I am finishing up my first set of clinical-only two more to go! But along the with the end of the clinical comes the presentation and lit review among a million other things due! Monday, I returned back to the hustle and bustle of the "normal" work week (meaning mine doesn't ever end since I work the weekends too). Monday, I was really sluggish from racing on Sunday and the long car ride home, not to mention another pretty much another all nighter working on my clinical project. My Monday started off early as I met my preceptor down at Fairview Southdale ER to help run a mock code with the nursing staff down there. Following that I rushed up to Lifetime for swim club which happened only to be Leann-the usual guys didn't make it (let's cross our fingers that Travis got offered a job and I'm guessing Chuck had finals). I did end up getting in about a mile swim-shoulder bothered me a bit but not too bad. I 'm hoping that all this easy swimming will pay off for a pain free Ironman day (shoulder, I mean-No Ironman day is pain free but actually pain FULL (not painful-the day is full of pain!))

Tuesday, I worked out with P2. We did 2 mile speed repeats on the track. We started off with an easy 2.5 miles out warm-up along Summit Ave and then headed back to the Mac track where in groups 3 x 2 mile repeats. I still was feeling pretty sluggish from racing, working on my clinical project, and working overnight. I headed home after practice and spent the rest of my time before heading back to work, working on my project.

Wednesday, I ended up getting home from work late-probably around 9:30ish. It was a crazy night at work and then there was an emergency while giving report which kept me late. I hopped into bed for about 30 minutes before getting up to shower and head down to the U for another day of clinical. I ended up missing my workout on Wednesday since I still had so much to do on my project. I ended up spending another all nighter working on my clinical project that had to be presented on Thursday.

Thursday, I spend the day down at the U for clinical. I presented my project on Bronchiolitis management, which went really well! My preceptor ended up letting me go a bit early, which worked out great because it gave me a chance to get over to discount tire-get get my flat tire fixed on my car! Well it was a slow leak and for the past week I have been just putting air in it because I haven't had the time to get it fixed. I then trained with P2. Ironman people (if not racing over the weekend-I think I was about the only not racing) had to do 6 x 10 minutes race pace with 2 minute easy between. It was kind of fun because we got to ride in my old neck of the woods (down the street from where I taught). The ride route was rolling! The weather was extremely windy! Anyways by the time I got back everyone was done with their run too! I didn't end up getting my run in since it was getting dark out and a group of us were grabbing dinner at the Bulldog next door.

Today, I will be heading to the pool for a swim and then meeting Cindy for our personal training session at Discover Strength.

Last night I finally got some sleep! I ended up getting home probably about 9:30-10:00ish went to bed and didn't wake up until 10 this morning! I slept for 12 hours! Shocking I know!