Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Long Day! Graniteman Race Report

Yesterday, I spent most of the morning and afternoon hanging out at the Lifetime tri to support Jen and my P2 friends competing. Everyone had amazing performances at Lifetime-so fun to watch!!! I then spent a good amount of time getting prepared for today's race. I got Moon Goddess dressed in her best apparel to only find that one of my race wheels was flat! I think this is flat #3 for the tri season already-none of which have happened out on a ride surprisedly. Knowing that I had only one tube extra tube that fits my HED 3 I dragged Cindy around town in search of a place to that sells tubes, especially one that would fit my wheel. I didn't have any luck finding a new tube. I ended putting my one spare on my wheel and decided to chance it at Graniteman-if I flatted I was out.

Today, the day started off early- 4:00 am to be exact. Cindy and I quickly got ready this morning (she stayed the night since it was closer to the race venue) and then we hopped in the car to head to the race site located just outside of St. Cloud. We arrived at the race venue at about 6:00 am, quickly grabbed a spot in the transition area and set up my things before doing a quick warm-up. Once things were settled and the warm up was done, I hung out with Jen, Cindy, Jim and Heidi.

The swim set up was interesting-nothing like I have seen! They strung together a bunch of water noodles lengthwise and attached a couple snow tubes and a row boat at the end. The swim was a 1/3 mile out and back. I had a hard time sighting being there wasn't anything to site, but managed to have a decent swim.

Next was a 15 mile bike. I held a pretty good clip for most of the bike although we hit a a bit of wind along the course. I tend not to bike well in the wind but I was determined to catch my rabbit (Jen). I did end up catching her about 6.5 miles into the ride, passed her for about a minute, until she flew by me again. I continue to focus on my rabbit and keep her in my sight. Thanks Jen-I contribute my fastest bike split in a sprint to you!

Last was the run-only 3.1 miles. Again since Jen was ahead of me because of her fantastic biking, I was again chasing my rabbit. My ankles were a bit crampy but I continued to push through it. I ended up catching Jen a little over a mile into the run, wished her some words of encouragement and congratulated her on the fantastic biking. The run was a out and back so I could see the leaders in my age group-I like this because it gives you the chance to see where you are in your age group.

My Race results are as follows:
Rank Swim 100yd Trn.1 Rank Bike Rate Trn.2 Rank Run Pace Finish
69 7/68 15 Noelle Andrychowicz 33 F Blaine MN 69 10:20 1:46 1:01 71 44:24 20.3 1:10 115 24:31 7:55 1:21:24

I overall was satisfied with my time-I should be since I believe it was a PR. I was a little disappointed that I'm in such a competitive age group.

I do have a funny story from the race:
The announcer- who is at most of the local triathlons pointed me out as I entered the transition area after the swim and started telling the crowd about me. He was trying ask me how many races I have done and when my first multisport race was knowing that I have been competing for quite a long time. Jim was also at the fence wishing me good luck as I hurried to get out of the transition area and on my bike. As I was leaving the, announcer made the comment that I quickly made it through T1 but I still had time to flirt with the guy on the other side of the fence (he meant Jim)-too funny! He also continue to comment about my name and how botches it every time I race. So as I crossed the finish line he called me "Nicole A-something." So after the race was over I wrote out my name phonetically and gave to the announcer to save for my next race which will be Chisago Lakes 1/2-he thought it was great! But funniest thing was that they handed out door prizes and I got picked-the announcer grabbed the sheet paper out of his pocket so that he could pronounce my name correctly. I ended up winning a free entry to a new triathlon that will be in Sauk Center next May.

After the awards we hopped back in the car to head home. The plan was to stop along the way to get a bite to eat and then I would head home to work on my homework; Jen and Cindy were going to bike. As we were heading we got stuck in a stand still on 94 that was caused by car accident involving a gas tanker truck and a few cars causing 94 to be shut down in both directions. I think it took a total of 4 hours to get home!