Sunday, July 5, 2009

Training hard....

Thursday most people were starting off their Holiday weekend by heading up North to the cabin-not me I was just starting another LLLOOOONNNNGGGG stretch of work days. Thursday was my day to lead run club so I tried to incorporate my scheduled P2 workout with leading run club. The workout consisted of 45 minutes at 80% effort with a 15 minute run (do be done twice). During the first ride on the way out leaving from Coon Rapids Dam and heading towards Elm creek a man passed me with about half mile left of the path (not a big deal right)-well when I reached the end of the trail I went to turn around and the man decided to turn around too. I started on my way back and I'm working pretty hard since I was suppose to be at 80% effort and the man preceded to draft off me for the entire 6.5 miles back to the visitor center ( I was like what heck!). Once we reached the visitor center man yells out "Thanks for the ride"-nice huh! Anyways, I did my 15 minute run before hopping back onto the bike again for another 45 minutes. I then met up with Cindy and LeAnne for my second run-we ended up running 3 miles. Jen met us on our way back. I ended up getting in approximately 30 miles on the bike and 5 miles running.

I took off Friday to rest up-Margarita and I met up with Michelle and we went boating on the St. Croix. We had a blast!

Saturday, the plan was to ride for 2.5 hours and run for 1.5 hours. I started out on the bike leaving from Arden Hills hoping with the intention to ride around the lakes in White Bear. About 3 miles into the ride I ended up missing a turn somewhere so I ended up going in the wrong direction-not a big deal, being I have biked on the roads this area in the past. After about a hour or so I see dark clouds rolling in, so I decided to turn back. I didn't end up turning back early enough because the sky opened up. Before I knew it, it was lightening and thundering and I was soaked! I kept telling myself, this could happen in Madison and "just kept pedaling" (Cindy that's for you). I finally made it back to my car, packed up my bike and headed for home-and of course the rain stopped by the time I made it home. I quickly put on my running shoes and headed out the door for my run. The run didn't go so well! My stomach was turning about a 1/2 mile into the run and had to make two port-a-potty stops. I headed home and called it a day. I got in a total of 1.5 hours on the bike (approx. 30 miles) and 60 minutes running.

Today, I met up with Margarita, Rob, and D2 for a swim in Chisago Lake and then Jen joined us for a ride on the Chisago Lakes 1/2 ironman course. The swim was great! The water was a great temp (not too cold or warm) however it was a little weedy (not anymore weedy than all the other lakes in MN though). We ended up swimming about a mile. I felt great in the water! No shoulder issues and my balance was on! Then we got on the bike to tackle the 56 mile loop that we all will be racing in a couple of weeks. The wind had picked up and it seemed that all directions on the way out was bad! No breaks for about 30 miles! But we kept plugging away, I a lot slower than the rest of the group (I have a hard time in the wind!). Once we started heading back the wind was at our backs or we had enough coverage to protect us from it making that portion much more enjoyable. We did have one minor incident though-Margarita got stung by a bee (only about a inch away from her eye! And she's allergic to bee's and of course No EPI Pen). Margarita ended up being okay-only getting a bump (no other allergic reaction thank god!). Prior to riding today Jen and I had talked about riding the short course too, but I was dead from the wind and probably from the lack of food too. Jen and I then headed over to her aunt's house for a quick visit and some chips and of course some much needed Diet Coke! All in all good hard ride-56 miles total.