Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Okay it's been a while since my last post! I'm finally starting to catch my breath and replenish my sleep deprived body. My semester finished up this past Friday and I now have some time to focus on my research study and study for my upcoming peds certification exam.

My last day of the XP2 cross training sessions was on Friday-I didn't attend that workout however did complete it on my own. I have been keeping up with the workouts however due to the complexity of my schedule they are on my own. The workouts have focused on building strength, so that means lots and lots of stairs and medicine ball workouts. I have also kept up with strength training with the guys at Discover Strength and some on my own (I could be a little more consistent though). My other goal that I have had this off season is to maintain regular swim sessions. I have been swimming 1-3 times per week (I mean really swimming not just getting the pool and chatting-Leann). My swims have felt good but slow! I have enjoyed my swim workouts and have even had the brief thoughts of competing again in the future. I hope to join a master's swim group after the new year but I will keep you posted on that.

As for other aspects of my life.....we had a family holiday party over the past weekend with relatives and family friends. It has been a really long time since I have seen a lot of these people-I'm talking years! It was fun to catch up with everyone again! The other exciting news is that I will have another nephew sometime in the coming month! My sister who is pregnant with their second boy has been barely holding the kid in-labor has already been stopped twice since Thanksgiving! This little boy is eager to make his way into the world-I'm hoping these quick genes will lead him down the path to the olympics someday:) As for the big brother to be Owen is doing well and making progress everyday! He is talking up a storm and tearing around the house like a mad-man! He too may be in the olympics someday!

On Saturday, I spent the day with Jen, Stef, Liz, and Aaron in Duluth. In the past we have set aside a weekend to spend in Duluth kayaking, shopping, eating, and hiking at Gooseberry Falls. However with everyone's hectic schedules it didn't allow for a weekend trip but we got a chance to go for the day. It was a nice short get away! I don't think that I have had the chance to experience Duluth in the winter before but I seem to have found it just as enjoyable as the rest of the year-maybe it was just the company but I had a fantastic time!

Winter has set in! I am loving the snow and am hoping that we get a ton more (okay you can stop rolling your eyes)! I just wish it wasn't so cold out! I am waiting for the temps to come up a bit so that Shadow and I can fully enjoy the winter snow!

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