Friday, November 6, 2009

The craziness never stops!!!! I thought that since Ironman things would settle down a bit but in actuality I think my life has become crazier over the past couple of weeks! I have been meaning to update my blog for the past couple of days but time hasn't allowed for it! Since my last blog posting I have spent my time running! Running to and from work, clinical, school, name it! Oh, I will be happy once school is done! I was suppose to defend my thesis proposal this past Monday, however I was told at the last minute that my advisor didn't inform the other staff members! So my proposal defense has been postponed until next week-AAAARRRGGHH! Just a little frustrating!

My running from activity to activity over the past couple of weeks has really limited my sleep or should I say eliminated it! Did I mention that will be happy once school is done?

As for workouts, I have been attending the XP2 sessions or at least as often as my schedule allows for which consists of a bunch of cross training killer workouts. Last night, I ended up doing the scheduled workout from coach at the gym, which consisted of an easy warm-up run, 2 x 20 minute intervals of stairs and running then finishing up with an easy run and core work. I got plenty of funny looks from the people at the gym as I carried the medicine ball up and down the stairs and then around the track for 40 minutes! I ended up getting in a good workout before heading over to the Bibeau's house for dinner.

I missed my workout on Wednesday-just ran out of time!