Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still no running.....Day 10

Jen R's M-Dot Tattoo

So still no running due to my ankle-I did attempt for the first time since Oct 1st to wear heals (only for a short period of time and I wasn't on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time), the pain was manageable but still definitely there. As for a workout, I ended up taking the day or should I say I ran out of time to fit one in. Today was a big day for some of my fellow Ironman friends-they got their M-Dot tags! Last year, when I got my tag Jen was their to support me but more importantly be part of the experience so I wanted to do the same for her as well. Jen R., Jen M., and Val all got their M-Dot stamp with a great and one of a kind design. I'm glad that I got a chance to be there to witness the excitement that each one displayed-it kind of brought back the memories of the Ironman Madison experience.

Following my time with the TCMC girls, I met up with Leann, Corrine, Cindy, Jen (a different one), and Erica for some girl chat and bingo at Majors. I ended up winning two games to total $132 WHOO HOOO! After bingo we headed over to Bella for ladies night-I promised to buy a round of drinks with my winnings (drinks are only 1 cent a piece so it didn't cost much!).

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