Monday, October 26, 2009

A bit sore!

Today, I'm a bit sore after my grueling XP2 workout! Okay, I may not have thought it was grueling if I were in good running shape. I feel that my body let go of my good running muscle over the course of the three week hyatus from running. This morning I met the group at the 740 building for a run to Minnehaha Falls where we would then run the stairs for period of time with a medicine ball. Today was my first med ball run which was quite ackward! I couldn't find a good way to hold the med ball and I had to keep switching from arm to arm and hip to hip. As we approached the falls the trail was torn up and under construction causing us to splash through the mud a bit-I was covered by the time we made it to the stairs.

We repeated the "half pipe" of stairs-each side consisting of approximentaly a hundred stairs for about a half hour and then I headed back to my car so that I could made O's birthday party. I got in a little over a hour of a killer run/stairs workout.

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