Saturday, October 24, 2009

20 days without running! Today, I met with my physical therapist Pete for a follow-up on my leg (tibial tendonitis) and finally got the okay to start running! Pete rubbed out my legs a bit which were quite sore and filled with latic acid from the step mill/medicine ball and personal training sessions-then he sent me on my way. I don't need anymore follow-ups unless my leg starts to bother me again but Pete told me to email him if I had any questions.

I didn't get to try out my new legs (new in the sense of being fresh from the running break) today but plan to get out this weekend for a short time. Today however I did get on the trainer for about 45 minutes which allowed me to get caught up on some of the TV shows I missed over the past week.

Since my last post, I did get my halloween costume bought. Michelle, Margarita, and I met down at halloween store in St. Paul on Wednesday to get costume ideas for the group of us-after spending a LONG time and walking through the store several times we decided to be pirates. We figured the costumes would be easy to make and not too expensive.

As my semester for school continues to wind on, the projects, papers, and tests continue to pop up. I expect a CRAZY week ahead with clinical hours, three papers, two presentations, and a test due this week-along with class two days this upcoming week. The following week I defend my thesis proposal-I tell ya there is always something to do!

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