Monday, October 26, 2009

A bit sore!

Today, I'm a bit sore after my grueling XP2 workout! Okay, I may not have thought it was grueling if I were in good running shape. I feel that my body let go of my good running muscle over the course of the three week hyatus from running. This morning I met the group at the 740 building for a run to Minnehaha Falls where we would then run the stairs for period of time with a medicine ball. Today was my first med ball run which was quite ackward! I couldn't find a good way to hold the med ball and I had to keep switching from arm to arm and hip to hip. As we approached the falls the trail was torn up and under construction causing us to splash through the mud a bit-I was covered by the time we made it to the stairs.

We repeated the "half pipe" of stairs-each side consisting of approximentaly a hundred stairs for about a half hour and then I headed back to my car so that I could made O's birthday party. I got in a little over a hour of a killer run/stairs workout.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I did it!

Today I ran for the first time in days! I missed my XP2 session today since I had to work last night. I attempted to do the same XP2 workout as schedule however I couldn't find "The Great Cesar Stairs." Shadow and I did end up running for about 45 minutes-we had a good workout while remaining conscious that I need to ease back into the running thing otherwise I'm going to be battling another injury.

The workout consisted of an easy run and stair repeats. I learned that Shadow must have a fear of heights as when running the Wabasha bridge stairs I had to pretty much pull her up and down them. Overall the workout went well and I didn't have any pain-YAY!
20 days without running! Today, I met with my physical therapist Pete for a follow-up on my leg (tibial tendonitis) and finally got the okay to start running! Pete rubbed out my legs a bit which were quite sore and filled with latic acid from the step mill/medicine ball and personal training sessions-then he sent me on my way. I don't need anymore follow-ups unless my leg starts to bother me again but Pete told me to email him if I had any questions.

I didn't get to try out my new legs (new in the sense of being fresh from the running break) today but plan to get out this weekend for a short time. Today however I did get on the trainer for about 45 minutes which allowed me to get caught up on some of the TV shows I missed over the past week.

Since my last post, I did get my halloween costume bought. Michelle, Margarita, and I met down at halloween store in St. Paul on Wednesday to get costume ideas for the group of us-after spending a LONG time and walking through the store several times we decided to be pirates. We figured the costumes would be easy to make and not too expensive.

As my semester for school continues to wind on, the projects, papers, and tests continue to pop up. I expect a CRAZY week ahead with clinical hours, three papers, two presentations, and a test due this week-along with class two days this upcoming week. The following week I defend my thesis proposal-I tell ya there is always something to do!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still No Running......Day 17

Alright, I officially almost had a complete melt down today as the P2 team headed out for their run! My leg is feeling better or at least when I walk on it-except that there is still some soreness when I touch the area. Today's workout was tough-not because it was hard but because of the boredom of spinning on the trainer. I ended up spinning for a hour and 15 minutes-all that I could handle! I'm craving the chance to put on my running shoes and go out for a run!

Yesterday's workout consisted of 15 minutes on the crosstrainer and then 15 minutes on the step mill with a medicine ball. I then finished up with 15 minute of core work with the medicine ball.

Friday is the big day! The day that I find out whether or not I can start running again!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Still No Running......Day 11

Okay it is going almost 2 full weeks of no running and I'm starting to go NUTS! Ankle is feeling better for the most part except for when I flex my foot. Today, I went to another XP2 session at the Pit. The workout was changed from an outdoor to a indoor workout since the weather today was CRAPPY! The group (XP2 group) biked for a hour and then went out for a 45 minute run. I ended up biking for a total of two hours since I'm still haven't been cleared to run. I at least had people to bike with since the workout was changed.

It sounds like the weather is suppose to clear up a bit this weekend, which will be nice! Hopefully, I will get the chance to spend some time outdoors without freezing to death!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still no running.....Day 10

Jen R's M-Dot Tattoo

So still no running due to my ankle-I did attempt for the first time since Oct 1st to wear heals (only for a short period of time and I wasn't on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time), the pain was manageable but still definitely there. As for a workout, I ended up taking the day or should I say I ran out of time to fit one in. Today was a big day for some of my fellow Ironman friends-they got their M-Dot tags! Last year, when I got my tag Jen was their to support me but more importantly be part of the experience so I wanted to do the same for her as well. Jen R., Jen M., and Val all got their M-Dot stamp with a great and one of a kind design. I'm glad that I got a chance to be there to witness the excitement that each one displayed-it kind of brought back the memories of the Ironman Madison experience.

Following my time with the TCMC girls, I met up with Leann, Corrine, Cindy, Jen (a different one), and Erica for some girl chat and bingo at Majors. I ended up winning two games to total $132 WHOO HOOO! After bingo we headed over to Bella for ladies night-I promised to buy a round of drinks with my winnings (drinks are only 1 cent a piece so it didn't cost much!).

Still no running....Day 9

Today I attended another XP2 session where we met at the Pit and biked on the trainer for a hour-we did a workout of ups and downs or standing and sitting. The workout was intended to be easy since most of us are still recovering from our race season. Following the biking the group went out for a run through the skyways in St. Paul-I stayed back and biked. I become a little sad that I haven't been able to run especially with the groups on the runs through the skyways. I still have a week and a half before I see Pete my PT so that he can assess my ankle. My ankle is slowly starting to feel better-I can make it about 6 hours into my work shift before it starts to ache, however there are times I twist or move it wrong and it sends a jolt of pain through my leg. I at least wasn't left alone since Margarita was doing some tempo stuff on the treadmill-it was fun to catch up a bit with her since she just got back from Hawaii. She did bring me back a super cool water bottle from Ironman worlds!!!!!

Yesterday, I another personal training session at Discover Strength. Man, what a killer session! Here I thought that we would get a recovery session before starting hard again since we just ran a marathon-I spose it was 8 days ago. The trainers were having fun watching Cindy and I suffer through our workout yesterday!!! I tried to tell them that I had become a lazy ass since I was injured-they laughed at me and told me that they didn't care and to work harder. I did get out of the tibial strength machine but only because it was really painful in my injured area. It didn't help that prior to me going to my personal training session, I did some time on the stepmill holding a medicine ball-I just confirmed the thoughts of me being crazy by my personal trainers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Still no running....Day 8

Okay, I'm about to jump out of my skin! I'm sad that I still can't run! The pain in my ankle has decreased for the most part however after about 6 hours into a work it starts to get sore. I have been good though, still sticking to my PT's order of NO Running. I'm just hoping that Pete will give me the okay to start running again when I see him on the 23rd-cross your fingers!

Sunday, I attended the XP2 session which mostly consisted of riding hills-man it was cold! We did hill repeats on Ohio St and the High bridge in St. Paul. I feel completely out of shape! After riding, the group went out for a short run as I waited in the Pit for their return and our core workout. I discovered I need a lot of work in my core area!

Today, I have another session with personal trainers at Discover strength-I can only imagine what hellish workout they have in store for us today!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Still no running

I have been really good about "following the rules" okay the orders from my physical therapist. Yesterday XP2 started (a 10 week crosstraining plan design by my coach) and I couldn't run! I had emailed by coach earlier-finally getting the courage to tell him that I was injured. Coach reassured me that the XP2 sessions would be beneficial even if I couldn't run being that there is a lot different activities that I can join into plus there are a couple of teammates still training for their Ironman races and needing long bike sessions. Yesterday, I did pop down to The Pit to say hi to my teammates and briefly talk with coach then made my way to Lifetime so that I could get a much needed workout in. I ended up doing the crosstrainer for a hour and then some core work with the medicine ball. Man, I forgot how boring the crosstrainer is-I wanted to shoot myself in the head after about 5 minutes however it did feel good to get a workout in since I haven't done anything since TCM and I was starting to feel like a complete LARD ASS!

Wednesday was the big day! The big day of getting my tat done! I was excited to see the design that Ben had drawn up for me-especially since I was super particular about the design not being too big or too colorful or too masculine or too ect..... Anyways the design turned out awesome! Cindy met me at the tat place to give moral support and take pictures.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Target Health and Fitness Expo 2009

Target Health and Fitness Expo 2009

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Last Race of the Season

This last Friday, I had another physical therapy session with Pete to check things over and get me all loosened up for the run on Sunday. I was feeling pretty good and most of the soreness had gone away. I still however was a bit nervous that I hadn't ran for a week and a half due to this tibial tendonitis thing. I was a little more relieved after the PT session since there was great improvement in my range since when I had started PT-it also helped that Pete gave me the okay to do the marathon.

Following my PT session, I made my way down to the Xcel Energy center for the TCM expo to pick up my race packet, buy a few things, and then work the Lifetime Fitness booth for a couple of hours. I got a chance to pass out several samples of Aquaphor (I think probably around 150) killing two birds with one stone (fulfilling my duties as an Endurance Lead and sponsorship). The Aquaphor was a big hit at the Lifetime Fitness booth! I ran into some of TCMC folks including Jen who opted not to run TCM but instead headed to Iowa for her homecoming at Luther (can you believe it)!

Saturday morning came way to early with a 5:00 wake up so that I would be ready for when Leann picked me up to head down to the Saturday TCM events. It is tradition that we as a team from Lifetime Fitness go down and cheer the runners of the Saturday TCM events on and then head to the expo. It was fun to see Jen J., Jen, Aaron, Ruth, and Aasa's kids run the events-they kicked butt as they always do! After the events we made our way to the Rivercenter to hit the expo, so we could pick up race packets and spend money! Cindy and I bought our race outfits-I know-I know we are not suppose to try anything new raceday, but I typically don't follow that rule. After the expo, Cindy, Leann, and I headed over to Cosetta's to get all carbed up for Sunday's race. We ended up running into Jason and Katie at Cosetta's which was great since we needed to get our plans in order for race day. The rest of the night I took it easy.

Sunday (Race morning) I had another early start with my alarm set for 3:45 so that I could get my race ritual done in time to make the shuttle bus from the Kelly Inn located in St. Paul. I arrived early to the dome, which has been my normal routine for the past 10 Twin Cities Marathons. Once I arrived to the dome I did take a moment to look down at the baseball field since it was set up for the Twins and it was one of their last games on the dome. Cindy and one of her co-workers met up with me shortly after I arrived to the dome. At about 7:45 Cindy, Jason, Leann, Meaghan, and Lisa made our way out to the start. Cindy and my plan was to take the marathon easy and have fun-we intended on doing 5 and 1's since neither of us was going for a time. We started off and goofed around a bit-Jason and Cindy started in with the comments that they thought they were running a 10k and that I lied to them; it got everyone laughing around us. I felt pretty good up until mile 9 when I started to feel pain in ankle-Cindy later told me that she could tell that the pain was starting to set since my tone changed. As I continued to run and the miles continued to peel away, the pain in my ankle increased but I tried to keep it a secret so Cindy didn't tell me to drop out. I did however gain small bursts of energy each time I saw someone along the course cheering me along. At about mile 23, Cindy's knee popped sending her to the ground for some stretching. At that point both of us were hurting but we were determined to continue on. We finally hit mile 25 (Owen's mile)-I have the rule that there is NO WALKING during Owen's mile-Cindy was a trooper and pushed through the mile with me. Once we turned the last corner and we on our way down the hill towards the capitol and the finish line we picked up the pace as we had a million people to pull us in! Waiting at the finish line was my friend the swim official (he used to officiate my swim meets when I coached for Sibley)-We had a short conversation and then Cindy and I were off to get our medal and finisher shirt.

Following the race it is tradition to head to Plums for nachos and a beer. Cindy, Mark, Leann, Terry and Carla joined my parents and I at Plums to celebrate and cheer on the Twins.

Bright and early Monday morning, I met with Pete my PT at Tria. He asked how the race went and then how my ankle held up. I don't think he was too thrilled with me once he took a look at my ankle-it was significantly tight and swollen. I know he was thinking why didn't I drop out but he didn't say it. Pete rubbed out my ankle a bit and then ordered me to not run for a while. I do have the okay to bike, swim, and lift weights.