Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is going to be jammed packed full of activity! I got up early this morning to get started on the many things that need to be completed before hopping in the car early tomorrow morning.

Here's my list so far:
Grocery store
Clean House
Clean out car
Pack car

Tomorrow the plan is to caravan to Madison with my parents-notice I said caravan! I was a little worried about the space in the car this year since the weather is really up in the air-meaning we need to pack for any possible condition and to save my heart from exploding I will be packing my bike INSIDE the car this year (last year it was on the outside of the car and I was having a heart attack the whole way down to Louisville). Plus this allows Shadow and I to sprawl out-last year she rode on my lap (a 50 lb dog on my lap for 14 hours).

As for workouts this week, they have been extremely light-it is taper!

Last night I trained with P2-us Madison goers + coach did a nice 60 minute run along the river. I felt great! My legs feel and body feel rested. Then after out workout we headed over the the Bulldog so the team could wish us good for this weekends upcoming race.

Monday- was a scheduled day off!

Interesting enough I have felt pretty calm as raceday approaches which is a big change from last year! Maybe it's related to experience-knowing that I have completed one before or maybe it's related to all the training that I did on the course this year.

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