Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Minute Details

Yesterday I spent a few hours giving "Moon Goddess" (my bike) a much needed bath. She had caked on Gatorade and whatever else splashed up from the many road miles throughout the training season all over her. I got her all sparkly clean and lubed up for the big race day next weekend. Next is to add prom attire (race wheels and other race gear) which will be done later this week.

Next is the packing-I can't decide what to bring! Do I need warm weather attire or cold weather attire? See that's where going to Louisville was easy, I knew it was going to be hot, but with Madison the weather is a mystery until the day of and with limited car room I have my work cut out for me (watching the weather and trying to stuff things in every little space possible).

To my workouts:

Today, I got up early to do a short 15 minute swim at LTF (it was like a ghost town there). Then met Erica and Craig for a 75 or 79 minute bike ride (thanks Craig for leading and yes you were pretty close to the time limit). Then finished off the workout with a 30 minute run. I felt great! EASY EASY EASY was key today!

Yesterday, I did one more once over the Liberty bike course getting in a 75 minute ride. I intended on running the course as well however I forgot my running shoes at home, so I ended up getting in an 8 mile run at the dam instead.

Friday, my swim test! Sort of! I have taken it extremely easy with the swimming portion of my training since I have been battling this stupid shoulder issue since Ironman last year (actually I think it started right before Lifetime last year but didn't get bad until Ironman). Friday, I did a couple timed swims at race pace which went really well. I could feel my shoulder starting to tighten up towards the end but the pain for the most part held off and I could maintain my range of motion which was the big problem last year at Ironman.

Thursday, I trained with P2. Eric (a friend from P2) and I biked down by the river, then caught the path up through Mendota and then turned around once we hit Eagan. We took the bike ride pretty easy as I am tapering and he hurt his foot racing over the past weekend. We ended up riding a total of 75 minutes. I then finished my workout with a short 15 minute run with Jason.

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