Friday, August 28, 2009

Okay, I have meant to start this new blog post about 10 times! It's amazing how fast the days are flying by and knowing Ironman is approaching quickly has me flurrying with excitement but also the fears that go along with it as well. So much has happened over since my last blog posting!

Where to start!

My training has been pretty consistent with the break from school over the month of August. I have felt strong on my workouts and have managed to get in some much needed R & R in over the month.

Last weekend, although busy was filled with fun activities! I kicked off the weekend with the 1st Fix A Flat Over Wine clinic at my house, which went really well and was quite fun. A lot of my friends have moved from being runners to being multisport athletes-most have raced or will be racing either in a triathlon or duathlon yet this season, which is why it is important for them to know how to change a flat tire-me being the flat queen I have tons of experience at changing flats that I can pass on. After the instruction portion we hung out eating some healthy snacks and drinking wine.

The next morning, it was my scheduled Saturday to lead Run Club. Cindy, Erica, and I ended up doing about 5 miles while Paul was shooting for 18 miles. The run went well-Cindy and I took it pretty easy since we were hopping on the bikes for our 2nd annual cabin ride following the run.

The cabin ride went a little smoother this year without the wrong turns or flat tires and Cindy actually trained to do 100 miles (last year I conned Cindy and Jen into riding up to the cabin with pizza and beer). We made pretty good time-ride time of 5 hours in a head wind for 65 miles of it! I did discover that I really like hilly courses much better than flat ones though!

Monday's workout consisted of an easy swim with me leading swim club. I felt great in the water!

Tuesday, Cindy and I had our last personal training session before Ironman. Luke wished us luck and gave us some advice following our grueling workout on our already angry legs from our weekends LONG ride. It will be fun to share our stories with the group of guys over there at Discover Strength once we return from Ironman (we always have stories for those guys-they think we are CRAZY!)

Following my personal training session, I trained with P2 that night. Our workout was to bike 60 minutes 70-80% up Shepard Rd to River Road and back. The ride was going pretty good considering the amount of traffic and angry drivers out there-since when do I not pay taxes to use the roads?

So now the story begins-Margarita and I got to our turn around on River Rd to head back to the pit for our run. We started on our way back when we encountered another group of road riders that were not following road rules-they were blocking the lanes, etc. We went to pass them and they decided to block the whole road lane including the shoulder causing Margarita and I to pass in oncoming traffic-jerks! Who knew that a couple of girls passing a group of men on bikes was going to set off this whole testosterone road rage thing! As I continued down River road onto Shepard Rd. we got stopped at a light when this group of guys caught up to us-they made some comments and then we were all on our ways again. When us girls had to pass the group for the second time-this pissed them off to the point that the three guys in the front tried to take me out at the stoplight! I was like what the heck! At that point some of the guys riders from P2 passed by and the group of guys started messing with them. The one guy got on the back wheel of Tom's bike. Tom was yelling at the guy to get off his wheel when the guy clipped Tom's back wheel sending metal spokes flying along with other bike parts and water bottles into the middle of Shepard Road. The guys bike wheel was toasted-served him right! But the group of riders took off after Tom-of course they were not able to catch him.

Cindy and I encountered some of this testosterone road rage in Madison as well-What is it with guys! Cindy-I'm reinstating your tip at mile 70 ish-PASS all the jerky males that can't deal with being passed by WOMEN!

My classes started back up for the semester and I finally found placement for my second clinical rotation. Yesterday, I headed down to Mankato for class and to get a few things squared away for the semester. I also threw my bike in the car to experience the roads/bike trails in Mankato. I had a great ride and discovered an AWESOME bike path! I ended up riding 90 minutes-missed my run as I ran out of time.

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