Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finished the Madison ride (112 miles). Felt great!

Okay I'm officially crazy! This past weekend I along with my other fellow Ironman trainees headed to Madison experience the IMOO course one more time before the big day (as stated in my last blog posting). As you know the weather didn't allow for the training weekend we wanted and I couldn't live with the fact that I only did 72 miles on Sunday, so I decided to head back to Madison.

On Tuesday, there was chance that I was going to be canceled from my work shift that night being that our census was pretty light for the week. Cindy and I planned our strategies for traveling back to Madison and when we were going to ride the course.

Plan #1
If I got canceled, we would leave early Wednesday morning (5 am) get to Madison by 11 ish, then getting on the road and riding. We then would stay the night and drive back early Thursday.

Plan #2
Drive down to Madison Wednesday afternoon, possibly swim at Devil's Lake and then ride the course on Thursday; then drive back after the ride.

Plan #3
If got canceled, head to Madison at 9 pm to arrive around 2 am. Then sleep until 10 am and then ride the course. Sleep in Madison until 3 am and drive back.

We chose probably the most crazy of the choices but plan #3 won and worked AWESOME! We were pretty well rested for the 112 mile ride. The weather was great great-80's and sunny. Cindy and I had a few laughs along the way as reminisced about the previous weekend along with remembered the 10 mile tips. We stopped about every 15 miles on the first loop to refill bottles and take in a bite of food. The second loop we didn't stop as often but we did make one at the Kwik Trip in Mount Horeb so that Cindy could eat a brat and raid the donut samples.

We were told by several people that we wouldn't feel the hills until the second loop (which the reason that I insisted on going back to Madison to ride the whole course). Personally, I didn't think the second loop was bad-but now I have the experience and piece of mind.

Once we got to the 100 mile mark, we passed three guys on road bikes and we were called "Show Offs"-we wanted to yell out that we had already rode 100 miles but we didn't want to sound TOO cocky. On way back we did end up taking a wrong turn adding a little over a mile to our ride.

Once we got back to Monona Terrace, we both felt great! I could have rode probably another 30 miles! Cindy and I then headed to the local tavern for lots of food-I ordered nachos, grill cheese with fries, a beer, and a diet coke!

Thursday, Cindy and I stopped at the Woodbury LTF for a short swim. Cindy had to shower and go into work. I headed home to see my 4 legged kiddos who were being baby sat by Liz. I then trained easy with P2 (a short, flat bike and a 15 minute run).

Today, I headed down to Lakeville for an open water swim with KLO's (a friend from P2) group. We then headed out for a short easy 15 minute run. Tonight, I have another personal training session at Discover Strength.

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