Sunday, July 19, 2009

You have to be innovative......

Okay, why do people feel its necessary to throw glass bottles on the road? Today, the MNtri club was hosting a century starting in the Northern Suburbs-actually the start was only 2 miles from my house. The ride started around 7:30, but I didn't get started until 8:30 since I had to work the night before. I ended up riding up to the 2nd rest stop where I met up with Jen and Cindy (I was at mile 42). We started on our way back and got about five miles from the rest stop when a piece of glass sliced my tire and my tube went flat.

I have plenty of experience changing my flat tires, however what do you do when you have a big slice in your tire? I hmm and ha'd a bit-what was I going to do? Was this ride going to result in another ride from the cops? Mary Alice (a friend from the MNtri club) once told me that you could a dollar bill as a temporary patch, so I dug a twenty dollar bill out of my pocket, folded up and put it inside the tire-as a told Jen and Cindy to wish me luck. I tucked the tube inside the tire, checked to make sure the tube wasn't pinched and of course there wasn't any glass stuck inside the wheel before sticking the CO2 cartridge on the stem to blow it up-it inflated and didn't blow up-whew! As I inspected the tire, the area that was sliced was bulging (this was not going to work!). So, I let out some of the air to see if that helped relieve some of the bulging-it helped a little but not enough-crap! So, we stood there brain storming and before Jen found a piece of duct tape stuck to her flat kit-I stuck it over the bulging area and then I started unwrapping some of the electrical tape from my handlebars and wrapped that around the bulging area too. Then we were on our way-it held the air! We rode about 25 miles before hitting the next rest stop which was located in a Super America parking lot. As a desperate soul, without any handy money being it was stuck inside my wheel, I went inside and begged for some more duct tape. The ladies behind the counter were awesome! They searched around the store and were even willing to open a package for me to give me a few pieces of duct tape! I reinforced my tire again and we were on our way again!

The ride was difficult being I was riding on probably between 60-80 psi for almost 40 miles! I finally made it home, frustrated that I had another flat!!!!! Enough already!!!!

Yesterday, i rode 59.4 miles starting at Lake of the Isles. The ride went well but was a bit boring and the roads were in terrible condition-I think my jaw stopped chattering at about 11 pm last night. Following my ride, I headed home and took Shadow out for a five mile run with me. She is such a goof ball!

Friday, I swam about two miles at the Moore Lake Lifetime and then finished my workout with a personal training session.

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