Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still shaking!

So today(Monday), I intended on spending most of the day relaxing and focusing on recoving from Sunday's race. I ended up sleeping in until almost 9:00 am-I know surprising for me! I spent most of the morning watching TV and checking my email, plus writing my workout for swim club.

I had swim club at LTF and only one of the regulars showed up. I ended swimming a little over 1000 yards. My shoulder became pretty sore towards the end of the swim.

Following my swim, I got my monthly massage. I had to try another massage therapist since Stephanie again wasn't on the schedule for the day-bummer! The massage guy couldn't believe how tight my shoulder was and kept commenting that he hadn't ever seen that tight before-hence probably why it hurts!

Then I had my weekly personal training session at Discover Strength. I did well even though I was still pretty fatigued from racing. When I left the trainer I was still shaking from the session!

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