Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay Luke the trainer was correct! I am quite sore today-even the couple of doses of o ibuprofen really didn't seem to do much to help with the soreness. The soreness just proves that I need to do some work to strengthen my upper body.

Today's workout out consisted of a 75 minute "No Mind" run-meaning easy, no speed, and just enjoy it! I met up with the P2 crew for the run today. Michelle and I headed out a bit early and then I headed out to finish up the run with Charlie and Chuck. The run started off a bit rough because my shoulders were super sore and tight but the run continued some of the lactic acid worked its way out any my shoulders loosened up. The run went well and I got approximently 8 miles in total.

Following the run a I had a quick conversation with coach to discuss my training over the past week.

Now off to work for my last night of this long stretch.

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