Saturday, July 11, 2009

My soreness quickly disappeared after I got the lactic acid worked out of my muscles from Tuesday's workout. I did end up taking this week really easy-Well at least on the workout side of life. I did end up having clinical both on Wednesday and Thursday-plus work and class this week.

Wednesday I took the day off and just concentrated on NON-workout things (cleaning, school work, etc). All too fun huh!

Thursday, was my worst this week! Running, running, and more running! I started my day off early (2 am) working on my presentation for clinical and sorting through research. Then ran to clinical; ran to class; ran to the gym to get a quick bike and run in; ran to Carmela's birthday party; and last ran to work for my shift before the weekend.

Friday, I did another easy workout! Just a short swim!

Today, I spent the morning down watching the Lifetime triathlon and will be heading out for a short bike ride tonight.

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